How many other cop videos do we need to see?

How many other cop videos do we need to see?

It is now a routine – a video of one or more of the police goes out (pick up a selection of American towns and cities) that abuse, abuse or even violent towards civilians on social media. We saw that cops are describing civilian wealth, targeting guns, harassing them, making illegal arrests. We saw footage of the police being violent against people without weapons. We have seen people. What does seem to be the flow of viral footage is not proving, as long as the era of smart phones was unpredictable and difficult to share, the police are not always very good – because of the age of police reform we mean?

In 2017, my city of Baltimore made national headlines in the case of the police department's Gun Pollution Task Force (GTTF). The (GTTF) – including Evodio Hendrix, Maurice Ward, Daniel Hersl, Marcus Taylor, Wayne Jenkins, Thomas Allers, Jemell Rayam and Momodu Gondo – were a rogue group of reckless police officers who were found guilty of an abundance of crimes. their war crimes, robbery and the sale of drugs to fraud. People often ask me how things changed in Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man without an army who died in police custody, which caused a disturbing excitement. national. t My answer is always, “The GTTF came after Freddie, so that's there.”

In the area of ​​reform, the Department of Justice issued a decree of consent in Baltimore which was designed to address discriminatory practices, which offer some reforms to the police and would make the system better for all of us. On June 6, Sgt. Ethan Newberg was arrested to deal with a black citizen after the man told the officer that he should not face a suspect on the wet path. Newberg is waiting on his track because his body footage was at odds with his report. If the video was not there, Newberg would probably work at the moment. Imagine how many people are sitting in prison because their repetitions with guys like Newberg were not caught on a movie.

Phoenix gave us another example last week. An excuse has been issued by the mayor and police chief with Dravon Ames and his pregnant fiancées Iesha Harper after seeing policy officials on a camera targeting guns in the family, including their 4-year-old daughter's age. , when they are broken out. The jars seem to be out of control. "I can't sleep. I keep pictures of guns on my face," Ames said.

Alleged that a license was suspended by Ames and selected her daughter's 4-year doll from the outstanding Irish Dollar Store. Officials also claim that Ames stole a pair of underwear, which the family refuse. The Phoenix New Times reports that it leaves an official narrative; The police officers have significant details about the captured events on video. "What kind of culture did the officials think it was reasonable to treat a family – including a one-year-old child of four years old – who were not at risk of benefiting anyone as domestic terrorists?" ?

I understand why Ames did not want to comply with orders from the officials. Who would give a reasonable and positive response to a person who was lying to you, kicking, treating you and depriving you in your family, in this environment where killers kill a black man for sport?

Last week, Brandon Webber, a Memphis man who was 20 years old, was shot and killed by a Marsh task force. The wardens were putting in place a warrant to arrest Webber about shooting a man and stealing a car. According to officials, Webber rammed on a car in his vehicles, and, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, he retired from his vehicle with weapons, putting the stewards on fire and killing Webber.

"The Marshals were dealing with violent suspects," said District District Attorney DeSoto John Champion told reporters. "It wasn't something they went into Memphis to find someone and this happened. It was a violent feline that he didn't want to go to prison. He didn't respect the value of human life and so was The Alternative Service knew they went into it. "

I know that we intend to build officials on their words. But many of them lie in their reports on a daily basis. At this point, it is hard for me to say anything the police say if he doesn't believe a camera to believe. Tired people of the police are acting violently towards civilians who have impunity; that's why melee broke out in Memphis after your Webber was shooting, by injury 36 cops. Amendments are only available when cameras are present.

Police officers have usually had a long time to behave like people like me who have grown up in communities that haven't had much attention. We are talking about this for a long time. No one listened. Now it's all on camera, and it can be quickly spread through social media. Some prisoners are penalized even after the footage has been released, and yet it seems that there has been no widespread change in how the police interact with the communities they are intended to serve – particularly with black and brown civilians. The same old story is in every new viral video. So what comes next? What will it take to make a meaningful change in American police culture to really take the root?

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