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Have you ever wondered how many credits you can get with a non-primary SIM card with a phone number? Someone took this “knowledge” to the extreme, and was “complimented” at the post store.

The incident happened on a certain day before the Lunar New Year in 2020. Suddenly a colleague from the store came across a man holding more than 700 stamps. The customer claimed to exchange more than 4,000 packages of pistachios (one number can buy up to 6 packs ). After asking customers, I found out that he runs a pharmacy and wants to buy a lot of goods. After learning about it, his son bought more than 700 SIM cards, and then day and night, 48 hours a day, without stop online pre-order procedures, to help his father buy what he wanted.

After the SIM card is registered with a real name, I believe that this extreme event will not happen again. However, this incident may reflect that there are actually SIM cards that are not used by the main force, and you can find a lot of money. As far as personal daily life is concerned, sometimes you can get many cash coupons, and you can exchange $100 for 100 dolls. Tickets, etc. (original price $2 each), as to what benefits you can get, everyone is welcome to discuss and share on Facebook.

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