How much does an Alba watch cost? Which model is worth buying? We’ll see.

Which Alba watch is worth buying?

Alba Watches is a high quality and widely popular watch brand in Thailand. With a great value price and coolness that comes with a modern design, authentic Alba watches can be found at leading department stores and retailers nationwide. You can also order through the online platform by visiting the brand’s official store or online dealer. You will experience excellent quality and advanced design along with smooth and durable operation.

wrist watch history

Big beautiful women prefer to wear watches as accessories.

Holidays that everyone likes to wear. with a shape that fits snugly on the wrist and also enhances personality according to that history The world’s first wristwatch was born in 1868 by Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe or our home called Patek watch, the Mr Patek Philippe made a wristwatch for Countess Koscowicz of Hungary designed for comfort. See the time anytime which is the world’s first wristwatch made out as jewelery As well as being easy to carry, it is to be used in fashion. Enhance the look to look more classic, because in fact the first wristwatch in the world was made for women to wear. Most of those wristwatches were owned by aristocratic ladies.

Which Alba watch is right for your wrist?

While resting, looking at the wristwatch is one form of relaxation.

If you are looking for quality timepieces with a modern style. But still wondering what is the country of Alba watch, Alba watch is from Japan. Therefore, it can be guaranteed that this brand of products The quality and price are first class.

1. ALBA AG8L99X Active Quartz Model

ALBA Active Quartz AG8L99X // albathailand

ALBA AG8L99X Active Quartz Men’s Watch Model is designed as a sporty and fashionable wristwatch. so you can wear it for every occasion. Be it in outdoor activities or travel. It has an elegant shape, it looks stylish and cool in its own way. Perfect for dad’s birthday gifts. After using it, there is no doubt that ALBA watch is good or not, I would like to say that it is really good, in terms of quality, value for money and cool.

  • Quartz system
  • The reflective dial comes with a beautiful wave pattern pattern.
  • Tells the time in 3 hands with a date window.
  • Stainless steel case and band
  • Comes with hinges that can be unlocked with push buttons.
  • 100 meter waterproof performance
  • Case size 42.5 mm.

Price tag 3,300 baht

2. ALBA Active Quartz, Model AG8L49X

ALBA Active Quartz AG8L49X // albathailand

This new ALBA women’s watch is considered to meet the needs of users who value stylish looks with function at all times in their daily lives. This model features an emerald green dial. with colorful time indicators Reflecting the love of nature of the wearer of this watch.

  • Tells the time in 3 hands with a date window.
  • The hands indicate the time with luminous luminosity.
  • Dial Color: MOP White (Mother of Pearl)
  • Case size 36 mm.
  • Stainless steel case and band
  • Comes with hinges that can be unlocked with push buttons.
  • 100 meter waterproof performance

Price tag 3,500 baht

3. Quartz model ALBA AG8M91X

ALBA Active Quartz AG8M91X // albathailand

Quartz watch model ALBA AG8M91X1 is a women’s watch. With this watch concept, the design comes out in a style that reflects the beauty and simplicity of a woman raised in Japan. The watch uses excellent quality materials. The color of the watch uses a polite tone, not flashy. Suitable for women who like minimalism. The dial of the watch is a sunray design that perfectly reflects sunlight. with diamonds around the dial This means if the sun is shining your watch will convey elegance but look with flair.

  • battery system clock
  • stainless steel housing Comes with hinges that can be unlocked with push buttons.
  • Crystal glass, bezel does not rotate
  • 3 hands with date display.
  • Screw the back cover
  • 100 meters waterproof
  • Case size 34 mm.

Price tag 3,500 baht


ALBA Active Quartz AL4195X // albathailand

ALBA AUTOMATIC Men’s Watch AL4195X is a device perfectly designed to meet the needs of those who love simplicity and modernity at the same time. With colorful and light timers This watch is full of amazing capabilities. to give you a unique wearing experience.

  • Stainless steel case and band
  • Automatic watch
  • Sunlight dial, reflects light beautifully
  • The bezel cannot be rotated.
  • Push button release hinge
  • Comes with a transparent back cover to see the clock mechanism inside.
  • glass crystal
  • Tells time in 3 hands with day and date display.
  • There is a date display.
  • screw back cover
  • 100 meter waterproof performance
  • Case size 42 mm Thickness 13 mm.

Price tag 4,700 baht

5. ALBA Sportive Quartz Model AS9Q41X

ALBA Active Quartz AS9Q41X // albathailand

ALBA Sportive Quartz Watch AS9Q41X is a watch with a cool sporty design. Comes with a green color that looks powerful yet kind. For those who like sports and strict lifestyles Shows how popular and reliable it is. This watch comes with 3-hand timekeeping and a date window. So you never miss important times and dates at any point.

  • Case material: stainless steel band, mineral glass
  • coke energy
  • Triple lock Press once to unlock.
  • 100M waterproof depth
  • reflecting light in the dark at the hands of the clock and the hour position
  • There is a date display. say usual time
  • Analog: 3 hands (hour, minute, second)
  • Case size: 44 mm

Price tag 3,900 baht


ALBA IKEBANA LADIES AG8M83X // albathailand

ALBA IKEBANA LADIES AG8M83X Watch is a women’s watch specifically designed for women with a pink gold tone with a two tone wristband that adds cuteness and playfulness. with waterproof properties It can stay underwater for a long time without any way for water to enter the dial. The watch is stainless steel, it does not rust. Importantly, light weight, very thin. Perfect for your daughter’s wrist.

  • Color: Pink Gold
  • Tells the time in 3 hands with a date window.
  • The sunray dial reflects sunlight.
  • Index decorated with Crystal
  • Stainless steel case and band
  • Comes with a hinge that can be unlocked with a push button.
  • Dial size 34 mm.
  • 1 year warranty for the inner case of the watch only.

Price tag 4,250 baht


ALBA IKEBANA WOMAN AH7AP4X // albathailand
ALBA IKEBANA WOMAN AH7AP4X // albathailand

Watch ALBA IKEBANA LADIES AH7AP4X, a good watch for young ladies that teenage girls will definitely never get old wearing. girls wear it well Comes with a very beautiful color and has a small diamond on the dial, adding a high quality cuteness. both have waterproof properties The watch is stainless steel, it does not rust. Light and thin for your wrist. Wear it and add beauty to your wrist for sure. For the price, this Alba watch for women is very suitable for the quality of the product.

  • The bezel is decorated with Crystal.
  • Rose gold plated stainless steel band Comes with hinges that can be unlocked with push buttons.
  • Curved glass, MOP dial
  • Shows 3 hands with date window.
  • Dial size 31 mm.
  • guarantee
  • 1 year warranty for the inside of the watch only.

Price tag 4,080 baht

In this day and age, a digital mobile phone is to see the time. But a wristwatch is still a necessity.

Called that each model has an interesting design and a very cost-effective price. Japan is not only good at wristwatch. There are also many other brands made in Japan. For example, Anello backpacks can be considered as products from this country which is sure to be the country that is really famous for the best quality in the world.

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