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How much does the iPhone 2 phone cost? When is the best time to buy and sell?Here to teach you-Apple Kernel-Nuts iPhone/iOS/Good Things Recommend Technology Media

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New every year iPhone presentationLater, there will be a wave of selling, nothing more than just want to buy a new machine, so put the old oneUsed iPhone Sell, if you are a seller, how much should you sell this second-hand iPhone? When is the best selling time? If you are a buyer, what kind of second-hand iPhone price is reasonable?Today I’m going to talk to you about second-hand iPhone priceHow to look at it and when is the best trading point.

Second-hand iPhone prices

How much is the second-hand iPhone price? What do you think?

In the previous“Where to buy second-hand iPhone and iPad is more recommended”In the article, I usually choose PTT, so whether I want to buy or sell, I will also go to PTT to see what everyone’s current online market price is. If the appearance and function of the phone are normal, then you can buy or sell it. Take the price on PTT as a basis.

In addition, you can also use“Mobile Phone Doctor”This App or his website also provides reference for iPhone second-hand price inquiries.

After downloading the “Mobile Doctor” App, a series of tests can be performed on the mobile phone, including appearance and functions. After the test is completed, the test results will list how much such a device can be sold on different platforms.

Second-hand iPhone prices

Take the current iPhone 12 as an example. It can now sell for NT$21,000 under the condition that the functions and machine conditions are good. I originally wanted to compare and see if the same price is on PTT, but recently no one happened to be there. I want to sell the 256G model of iPhone 12, so there is not much information to refer to.

Second-hand iPhone prices

However, I saw that there was a second-hand iPhone transaction in the last May. The transaction amount in the article shows 23,500. The trend seen on “Mobile Doctor” is almost at this point in time, indicating that the information given by the App is still worthwhile for reference.

Second-hand iPhone prices

“Mobile Doctor” App can only see the current iPhone price, if you want to see the prices of other iPhones, it is recommended to use it instead“Mobile Doctor” web version, Allows you to freely select the iPhone model and capacity to check.

Second-hand iPhone prices

Second-hand iPhone prices

When is the best time to buy and sell iPhone?

For sellers who want to sell second-hand iPhones

For sellers, the summer vacation is a difficult time to sell, because it is already very close to September. Many people who want to buy iPhone will definitely wait for the September press conference to make a decision, so it will be around May or June. There may be fewer buyers during the time to the press conference, but the second-hand iPhone price at this time can still maintain a relatively high state.

Second-hand iPhone prices
▲Buying second-hand iPhone during the summer is not good, less than 10 articles a day

After the conference is over, because many people may not be interested in the scheming and feel that it is not bright enough, so they switch to buying the old machine. Therefore, the number of buyers at this time is the largest, and the easiest situation to let go will probably fall at the end of the conference in September. Until about December, but because the new phone was also released, the price of the iPhone at this time may be quite large.

Second-hand iPhone prices

For buyers who want to buy a second-hand iPhone

For buyers, because they are not yet sure how attractive the new iPhone will be before the conference, the prices in the second-hand market generally do not change much, and there will not be too sweet prices. They usually have to wait until after the conference. The iPhone will have a more obvious price drop, and there are more second-hand opportunities to sell at this time.

Especially when the new iPhone is on sale, many people get the new iPhone and can simply sell the old iPhone, but at this time, although the price has dropped, there are more choices, but because there are more people buying it, so If you see something you like, you must hurry to grasp it, otherwise you may be bought out soon.

Second-hand iPhone prices
▲There will be more choices of second-hand iPhones after the conference, and there will be several articles throughout the day

The above is to share with you this time about how much second-hand iPhone is and when it is better to buy and sell relevant information. Simply put, you can go to PTT’s MacShop version to search for the mobile phone you want to sell and see how much everyone generally sells, or Take advantage of the above“Mobile Doctor” App Or“Mobile Doctor” websiteTo check the average price of the current platform, if you want to know where to buy a second-hand iPhone, you can also refer to what we wrote “Where to buy second-hand iPhone and iPad is more recommended”, Here are 4 recommended trading locations for second-hand iPhones worthy of reference.

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