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How much is the reward for the three-win Ansan award?

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picture explanationHyundai Motor Group Chairman Chung Eui-sun (center), who serves as the president of the Korea Archery Association, cheers for Ansan by raising his thumb during the women’s individual archery final at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games held at the Yumenoshima Park Archery Field in Tokyo, Japan on the 30th of last month. [도쿄 = 한주형 기자]

On the 30th of last month, Ansan of the women’s archery team, who was honored with the first ‘three golds’ in the history of the Korean Summer Olympics and shed tears of emotion, hung a medal around the neck of a middle-aged man. The hero who shared the gold medal was Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Chung Eui-sun. At the Tokyo Archery Stadium, where the midday sensible temperature is close to 40 degrees, Chairman Chung has been watching the spectators every day since the 25th of last month. Chairman Chung, who also serves as the president of the Korean Archery Association and the Asian Archery Federation, rejected the air-conditioned VIP lounge at the Tokyo Olympics and cheered the team in the audience under the scorching sun.

Chairman Jung, who returned to Gimpo Airport before the squad on the afternoon of the 1st, said, “The high-precision shooting machine that can pick and use good arrows without any deviation played an important role. After this is over, we will announce the reward plan together with other sports organizations.”

Athletes as well as domestic archery officials point to Chairman Chung’s love for archery as the secret to Korean archery being able to maintain the title of ‘World’s Strongest’. It is known that Hyundai Motor Group has invested 50 billion won in archery support since the 1980s. Financial support was not everything. Chairman Chung said that from the year the Olympics ended, the coaches and other officials would gather together to discuss how to support the Olympics four years later. Jang Young-sul, vice president of the Korea Archery Association, said, “Chairman Jung knows what kind of food each national team player likes.”

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Chairman Chung’s love for archery dates back to 2005, when he took office as president of the Korea Archery Association after his father, Honorary Chairman Chung Mong-koo. In 2008, through a study on ‘Korean archery revitalization plan’, which was instructed by Chairman Chung in 2008, a mid- to long-term development plan for archery was established over three periods, and substantial results were achieved such as △systematic cultivation of archery dream trees and △ popularization of archery. Unreasonable practices caused by factions such as academic affiliation and delay have disappeared. In addition, a system for nurturing players from youth to the national team was established.

Chairman Chung shared local schedules for every major international game and spared no ’emotional support’. When it was reported that the stadium and accommodation were more than an hour apart during the 2012 London Olympics, we rented a hotel near the stadium to control the condition of the athletes. When the record of winning all archery events at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics came out, the national archery team, their families, and past medalists were invited to a luxurious hotel to have a dinner. In addition, it is reported that whenever the Summer Olympics are held, officials from Hyundai Motor’s local corporations, which have entered the host country, directly inspected the movement routes of the athletes and the procurement of local goods. Even before the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, Chairman Chung prepared to support the team both physically and mentally. In 2019, he toured the Tokyo Yumenoshima Park archery field with the association officials and built the same facility in the Jincheon Athletes’ Village. On the day of the Tokyo Olympic Games, we prepared a relaxation chair for each athlete so that they could rest comfortably while waiting.

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The archery team players did not hide their emotions to Chairman Jung’s ‘sincere’ support. Such was the scene at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, when Bon-chan Koo, who placed first place in the men’s individual event, ran to Chairman Jeong and hung the gold medal around his neck after confirming his victory. At the Tokyo Olympics, Ansan placed the gold medal directly on Chairman Chung’s neck.

Meanwhile, as Korean archery has risen to the top spot in the world, its 37-year companion with Hyundai Motor Group is also receiving new attention. Hyundai Motor Group established men’s and women’s archery teams (Hyundai Steel and Hyundai Mobis) one after another after Honorary Chairman Chung Mong-koo took office as president of the Korea Archery Association in 1985. In addition, he led the popularization of Korean archery by hosting the ‘Hyundai Motor Company Jeongmong Gradient Korean Archery Competition’, the largest archery competition in Korea. Supported.

Hyundai Motor Group said △ ‘Skills Priority’, which selects anyone with skills, △ ‘Teamwork spirit’ that brings out the best results, △ ‘Risk management’ that anticipates extreme environments, △ ‘Practice (examination)’ that is more realistic than actual practice △ He summarized and explained that ‘expansion of investment’ for nurturing future talent is the DNA that Hyundai Motor Group and Korean archery are aiming for together.

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