How Protecting Civil War Battlefields Helps Protect Drinking Water

How Protecting Civil War Battlefields Helps Protect Drinking Water

After the 2014 Elk River spill in the Kanawha Valley, the West Virginia Riverside created the Safe Water WV initiative. To the best to protect it.

A couple years ago, Jefferson and Berkeley battlefields and a model for drinking water protection.

In the West Virginia during the American Civil War. More than 600 Union and Confederate soldiers died in two-day battle in September 1862.

The Battle of the Shepherd of the Civil War t

Since 2011, the site of the Battle of Shepherdstown has been protected. The battle also happens to be a unique location – along the Potomac River. The Potomac t

“The Landmarks Commission about the half-mile of the Potomac River frontage,” said Martin Burke.

Burke tthe Shepherdstown Site of the Battle of Shepherdstown t

“Controlling the runoff, planting trees, can help improve water quality.” T

That’s why his group, along with the Jefferson County Landscapes decided two years ago to work together. They are started in the European Panhandle.

, Water utilities, land conservation organizations, and watershed groups, to take care of land forever, to protect t "Tanner Haid said."

Riverside Cooperative Field Coordinator for the West Virginia Rivers Coalition.

Ease of protection. T Water quality, maintain and historic site, or protect wildlife.

Hate said this approach makes sure that water intake is not available.

In Jefferson County alone, in the Jefferson County. T There are currently 9 protected places.

Liz Wheeler. Herzegovina admin tArchives organization administers conservation in Jefferson County.

“When we protect land, we're not just protecting cropland. We're protecting woodlands, we're protecting streams, we're protecting historic resources, so it fits into what we do; to be able to contribute to source of protection, ”Wheeler said.

But it does not come without its challenges. Conservation issues or about the status of housing.

Haid said, in the coming year, he and his team t

“And then in particular,” t “And then in particular,” t

Jefferson and Berkeley t More than 10,000 acres of land.

Interested parties in the project.

The group hopes this model – to protect water by conserving land – isn’s just for the state.


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