How Rich Are New Chelsea Owners? Wealth Ranking 20 Premier League Owners

Todd Boleigh has become the new owner of Chelsea after spending 4.25 billion pounds (about 184,960 million baht) to take over the Blues after Roman Abramovich. russians

As a famous billionaire It means that the Premier League football industry has welcomed another big-money investor from abroad, which will undoubtedly add to the heat of the battle for success in the English League next season.

After taking office on Monday, Boleigh announced he would give the club a hundred percent in every minute of every game. including the development of youth players as well as grabbing a good kicking star to add to the army

Therefore, it is believed that German coach Thomas Tuchel will definitely receive a shopping budget from the new owner. Especially the famous London team are likely to lose players this summer, behind Antonio Rudiger, the Dutch defender, no less.

However, when asked how wealthy Boleigh is compared to the owners of the other 19 clubs in the Premier League next season, SportBible has made the following rankings.

How Rich Are New Chelsea Owners? Wealth Ranking 20 Premier League Owners

20. Brentford: Matthew Benham, 3 million pounds (about 130 million baht)

19. Leeds: Andrea Radizzani, 344 million pounds (about 14,970 million baht)

18. Nottingham Forest: Ivangelos Marinakis 505 million pounds (about 21,977 million baht)

17. Brighton: Tony Bloom, 765 million pounds (about 33,292 million baht)

16. Bournemouth: Maxim Demin, 900 million pounds (about 39,168 million baht)

15. West Ham: David Sullivan and David Gold £1.62 billion (about 70,502 million baht)

14. Everton: Farhad Moshiri 1.9 million pounds (about 82,688 million baht)

13. Liverpool: John Henry 2.14 out of a million pounds (about 93,132 million baht)

How Rich Are New Chelsea Owners? Wealth Ranking 20 Premier League Owners

12. Southampton: Gao Jicheng, 2.3 billion pounds (about 100,096 million baht)

11. Lester: Aiyawat Srivaddhanaprabha, 2.9 million pounds (about 126,208 million baht)

10. Crystal Palace: Joshua Harris, £ 3.36 million (about 146,227 million baht)

9. Manchester United: The Glazer family, 3.5 billion pounds (about 152,320 million baht)

8. Spurs: Joe Lewis, £3.6 billion (about 156,672 million baht)

7. Wolves: Kua Kwangchang, 4.5 billion pounds (about 195,840 million baht).

6. Aston Villa: Nassef Saviris, 5.3 million pounds (about 230,656 million baht)

5. Fulham: Sahid Khan, £5.8 billion (about 252,416 million baht)

4. Arsenal: Stan Kronke, 6.35 billion pounds (about 276,352 million baht)

3. Chelsea: Todd Boleigh and Clearlake Capital Group 10.86 billion pounds (about 890,472 million baht).

2. Man City: Sheikh Mansour, £22.9 billion (about 996,608 million baht)

Newcastle United: Saudi Public Investment Fund, £320 billion (approximately 13,926,400 million baht).

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