How terrible is it to use in a restaurant?Doctors reveal that these 2 tricks are the most effective to reduce the virus stay rate

How terrible is it to use in a restaurant? The doctor revealed that to reduce the virus retention rate, it is most effective to implement two actions before meals. Schematic. (File photo/Photo by Huang Ziming)

The local epidemic is heating up. Seeing the continuous expansion of the group of restaurants in Xidi, many people worry about the high probability of infection in restaurants. Some studies have found that the new coronavirus may survive for 28 days at room temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. People who went to Xidi are still infected with the virus. The doctor revealed that if you want to reduce the chance of the virus staying, there are two actions you must do before meals.

After the confirmed clerk of the Commonwealth Bank went to Xidi for dinner on January 7, it was revealed that customers who had dinner at Xidi from the 7th to the 12th were diagnosed. The most common place is on the doorknob of the toilet! From then on, she regarded the doorknob of the toilet as the dirtiest place, especially the inner doorknob of the toilet.

Wang Ziyun pointed out that the former assistant researcher of the Academia Sinica confirmed the Delta virus and determined that the source of infection was the laboratory, and the laboratory table and doorknob had detected the virus. She believes that if there may be virus residues even in the P3 laboratory, then the restaurant It’s not surprising that toilets have viruses.

In addition, some studies have shown that the new coronavirus may survive for 2-3 days on surfaces such as banknotes and glass, and for up to 6 days on surfaces such as plastic and stainless steel; according to the “Journal of Virology”, last year Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) ) found that in dim light at 20 degrees Celsius, the new coronavirus may even survive for 28 days, longer than the 17 days for the flu virus.

Wang Ziyun emphasized that the conditions of low temperature, dark place, and smooth surface are just right for the toilet doorknob. Therefore, the two actions of “washing your hands frequently” and “washing your hands correctly” before meals are very important. What everyone should pay attention to is not how much use is used in the restaurant. Terrible, but how many people actually do properly wash their hands for more than 20 seconds before eating.

Wang Ziyun said that the current way of infection of the new crown virus is still mainly through human-to-human droplets and contact, but the infection of the virus is just like a variant, there are various possibilities, and calls on everyone to implement the correct and sufficient hand washing steps before eating. If you do encounter a virus, in theory, washing your hands well can reduce the chance of the virus staying on your hands.

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