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How to buy ‘home insurance’, how to choose to be compensated when ‘House flooding’

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Prevention is better than cure! Prepare to deal with cases “House flooding” when “flood 2021” is not over yet. Let’s check out what kind of “housing insurance” protects “flooding” from nature? and how to choose accordingly

every time there flood disasterhappen event “House flooding” Damage to property and the house It is another concern in this period. However, these risks are preventable. with planning “insurance” for “residence” in advance

“Bangkok Business Online” Take them to check various forms of housing insurance. That is a shock absorber when our home is in a flood risk condition. There is an opportunity to receive compensation to cover damage caused by natural disasters. which has a variety of

  • fire insurance

“Fire Insurance” to doinsuranceFor housing where the law compels the occupant to do so in order to protect from fire hazards.

Fire insurance usually offers short-term coverage, approximately 1-3 years. The premium depends on the company and the nature of the building. It provides protection against 6 types of dangers, namely fire, lightning, explosion, and vehicle hazards. Aircraft disaster and disasters due to water (Threats that occur only by water accidents, such as water leaks, water overflow from water pipes, water tanks, including rainwater that enters through damaged air ducts) excluding floods caused by natural disasters)

means that “Fire Insurance” does not cover the event of “Flood”. caused by natural disasters and broken water pipes from outside the building

  • Insurance for “disaster” coverage

If you want to claim insurance from natural floods The homeowner will have to add additional insurance to cover the event of “flooding” from the outside.

At present, there are many housing insurance companies that offer additional sales, such asdisaster insurance orflood insuranceespecially

This type of insurance will provide additional protection in the event of various natural disasters such as floods, wind storms, earthquakes, hail, including tsunamis, or as detailed in the policy under the conditions of damage from natural disasters. which will differ according to the selection of each policy

  • Methods and procedures for “insurance claim” basic when flooding the house

afterflooded the house In addition to having to manage things in the house out of the water. especially the equipment related to the electrical system Don’t forget to prepare any evidence. also for insurance claims by documents or evidence That should have a starting point are as follows:

1. Take pictures both during the flood and after the tide has receded. and when an incident occurs, the company must be notified immediately

2. Prepare evidence and documents to the Company as soon as possible within 30 days from the date of damage as follows:

– Claim letter which must inform the details of the property and the value of the damage incurred

– damage photos (Show the general condition of the insured place and damaged areas)

– If you have insurance for your home or property with more than one insurance company, you must inform the company as well.

3. Prepare additional relevant evidence documents as requested by the Company, such as documents showing ownership of the insured property. Copy of land title deed Copy of ID card, etc.

Source: Tipinsure, TQM


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