How to Create a Sensual and Cozy Atmosphere with Fall Interior Design

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Before the autumn season arrives, when there is an increased demand for interior design due to moving and weddings, Enex recommends some fall interior designs that can create a sensual and cozy atmosphere. One of the key elements in home interior design is the entrance, which sets the first impression for visitors. Enex introduces the ‘EHI Anvil Glass Semi-Automatic Center Door’, made with opaque anvil glass. This door not only ensures privacy but also adds a vintage touch to the overall ambiance. Customization options are available, allowing users to freely choose the shape and position of the handle based on their personality and lifestyle. Additionally, the door’s 180-degree pivot allows for convenient back and forth movement, enhancing the overall utilization of space.

For those who dream of having a bedroom resembling a luxurious hotel suite, Enex suggests the ‘EB Stay Hotel Bed’. This bed features a cozy fabric-like headboard available in three colors: white, natural, and walnut.

The ‘ES Comma Modular Fabric Sofa’ stands out with its soft curves and the synergy created by the combination of different fabric materials. This modular product can be arranged according to users’ preferences, catering to households ranging from newlyweds to larger families consisting of 4 to 5 members.

To meet the storage needs of various spaces such as living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, Enex introduces the ‘PureN Storage Series’. This minimalist storage cabinet series offers versatile customization options, allowing users to create storage solutions that cater to their specific lifestyles.

If you desire a dressing room with modern design and excellent storage functionality, Enex recommends the ‘Connecting Dressing Room’. Available in three variations – black white, black smoke, and all white – this custom-designed dressing room can include features like makeup cabinets or clothing purifier cabinets to enhance usability.

For a sleek and organized kitchen, the ‘Color Fit’ built-in style kitchen cabinets offer a practical solution. These cabinets provide a clean and neat look to your kitchen space without requiring additional interior designs. Module options include specialty cabinets, storage cabinets, rice cooker cabinets, range cabinets, two-door cabinets, bottom drawers, and more.

The Palet kitchen cabinet series, available in 13 colors including ivory and matte, offers flexibility in terms of cabinet door direction and height adjustment. With a depth of 600mm, these cabinets provide ample space for storage.

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Before the fall, when the demand for interior design increases due to moving and wedding, Enex recommended a fall interior design that can create a sensual and cozy atmosphere. Jungmun, which determines the first impression of a home, is one of the products that consumers interested in interior design pay attention to. ‘EHI Anvil Glass Semi-Automatic Center Door’ is made of opaque anvil glass, so it can protect privacy and create a vintage atmosphere. Customization is possible by freely choosing the shape and position of the handle according to the user’s personality and lifestyle. The use of space is further improved with a 180 degree pivot door that can be opened back and forth freely.

For users who dream of a bedroom like a hotel suite, we recommend the ‘EB Stay Hotel Bed’. The cozy fabric-like headboard is available in three colours: white, natural and walnut.

‘ES Comma Modular Fabric Sofa’ is a product that stands out for its soft curves and the harmony of fabric materials. As a modular product, it can be freely arranged according to the user’s choice, from a newlywed household to a household of 4 to 5 people.

The ‘PureN Storage Series’ is a series of storage cabinets with a minimalist design that can be created as you wish in any space, including the living room, kitchen and bedroom. The interior can be decorated with various module combinations to suit your lifestyle.

If you are looking for a dressing room with a modern design and excellent storage functions, we recommend the ‘Connecting Dressing Room’. ‘Connection Dressing Room’ includes three types: black white, black smoke, and all white. Custom designs such as make-up cabinets or clothes purifier cabinets are possible.

‘Color Fit’ is a range of built-in style kitchen cabinets. You can create a neat look in the fridge space just by placing products without any additional interior design. You can choose the desired module such as △ specialty cabinet △ storage cabinet △ rice cooker cabinet, range cabinet △ two-door cabinet, bottom drawer, etc.

The Palet kitchen cabinet series is available in 13 colours, including ivory and matte. You can choose the direction of the cabinet door and adjust its height. The depth of the cabinet is 600mm, which is plenty.

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