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Windows 10 has a bad reputation when it comes to updates.Just when you are about to start a presentation or during work before the deadlineWindows tries to install updates at worst timeFrustrating episodes are everywhere on the net.

Because of this, MicrosoftImproved updates on Windows 11Did.

Now it’s easier to install updates and you’ll get notifications and warnings before updating.

If you tell me to update later, it will do it for you. Still, when the postponement period expires, you will be forced to install the update.

Officially, there is no way to stop the automatic update of Windows Update, but here are some workarounds.

How to delay Windows Update

Generally, a personal computerIt is recommended to keep it up to dateis.

But if you can’t install the update for the day or a few days, or it’s best to delay it (which is also a great way to avoid being bothered by buggy software releases).

Windows 11 has Windows UpdateUp to 5 weeksYou can delay it.

Settings> Windows UpdateGo to“Pause update”Click the drop-down menu next to and choose a period from 1 to 5 weeks.

This will postpone Windows Update at your convenience. Also, come back to this screen and say “Resume updateYou can also manually update Windows by clicking the “” button.

“Measurement connection” to avoid major updates

This is an old-fashioned trick, but it still works on Windows 11.

For Windows“Measurement connection” function to prevent the use of large datathere is. If you enable this feature, Windows Update will not download.

Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi“and,”Measurement connectionJust click the toggle at “” to turn it on.

Disable Windows Update in Service Manager

Stop the service manager running Windows UpdateIs also one way to stop Windows Update. It cannot be switched in the settings,「Services」You can disable it in the app.

Win + RPress the “” key to “RunAt “”services.mscEnter “”EnterPress the key. Scroll down and say “Windows UpdateDouble-click on.

Startup type“and”invalidSelect “”OKClick “” to restart your computer.

“Windows Update Blocker” is possible with one click

If you don’t want to go to Service Manager every time and restart Windows Update, you can do the same with just one click using an app called Windows Update Blocker.

Install and open this app and open “Disable UpdatesSwitch to “”Apply NowJust click.

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