How to pay respect to Chinese New Year “Cai Sing Ye” 2023 What direction are you facing this year? Wishing you wealth throughout the year

If talking about the belief in Chinese gods I believe that there are not many Thai people of Chinese descent respect and respect.Cai Sing Ye“God of fortune and money Especially during holidays.”Chinese New Year 2023“It is an auspicious time suitable for praying to the gods for good luck and wealth to welcome the new year. It also helps improve prosperity as well.

Because “Cai Sing Ee” is a Chinese god that Thai people of Chinese descent are familiar with. It is considered the most important deity during the transition of the year. (New Year’s Eve) Every year, it will come down from heaven for one day only, which is “Chinese New Year” according to the belief of the Chinese people. This god is the god of wealth, wealth and fortune in money. Thai people of Chinese descent are therefore popular to pay homage on important days. especially on the daychinese new year

Bangkok online business invite those who believe in the gods Come “Cai Sing Ye” to know “how to pay respect to the gods” to ask for the blessings of good fortune in style “bad astrology“, which states that worshipGod Funds Ye to ask for fortune and money And pray for happiness and fulfillment throughout the year 2023. Mainly, there are a few “worship methods” and it is not difficult to do, namely

1. Worship early in the morning on Chinese New Year

Paying homage to “Cai Sing Ye” must pay homage in the early hours of the incoming morning of January 22, 2023, the day of “Chinese New Year” or Chinese New Year.

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2. Pay respect between three and four am

The time to pay respect according to the Nam Yang astrology textbook is between 3:00 AM and 4:59 AM, which has passed on January 22, 2023 (but some texts state that they can pay respects from 11:00 PM on the the night before Chinese New Year. Until midnight – one am which passed for Chinese New Year)

3. Facing “East”

direction of worshipCai Sing Yefrom the year 2566 (the year of the rabbit, water element) place the table to worship facing “East” because it is believed that the deity this year will come in the east.

4. “Worship” Cai Sing Yeto be ready namely

– 5 vegetarian dishes

– 5 cups of tea

– Bua Loi (Khanom Yi) 5 cups

– 1 plate of Mongkhon Som (Tak Kik)

– 1 plate of Jan Ab dessert (Ta Liao).

– silver bucket, gold bucket (Kim Ning Dao) 1 pair

– a large piece of gold paper A red letter written “Peng Ang” means “good luck” (Tiang Tao Jee) 1 set

The Chinese believe that worshiping and asking for blessings from Cai Sing Ye will make the business prosperous and successful and bring fortune and money In addition, the god Cashing Ye also helps to inspire those who worship to have fortune floating into their lives. as well as increasing luck in different aspects of good fortune by having to face in different directions that he believed Cashing Ye would come down which will vary from year to year


Reference: Numeiang