How to protect ‘joints’ in the 100-year-old era of ‘Ildangbaek’?

‘One hundred per day’

[셀럽미디어 전예슬 기자] Learn about arthritis.

Channel A’s ‘Ildangbaek’, which will be broadcast on the afternoon of the 10th, reveals how to protect joints.

Arthritis itself is a disease that limits movement by itself, threatens the quality of life, and affects the health of the whole body. If there is a problem with the actual joint, the probability of getting heart disease and depression as well as metabolic syndrome such as abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, and hyperlipidemia increases. However, arthritis, which was thought to be a disease of the elderly, which comes with aging, is now occurring frequently in young people as well. The fact that the rate of increase in the number of arthritis patients over the past four years is the third highest in their twenties after those in their 80s and 60s is revealed in the broadcast. Arthritis is known as a disease of the elderly, so it is common for it to get worse if left unattended. In today’s broadcast, oriental doctor Park Yong-hwan and orthopedic surgeon Kim Tae-hyun appeared on the show, and they will tell you what is the ‘joint’ health management method that all age groups must follow for overall health, and how to protect the knee joint, the key to middle-aged health.

In the drama ‘One Dangbaek’, we introduce the story of Hee-ju (pseudonym), who boasts a body and beauty comparable to that of a 20-year-old, but suffered from degenerative arthritis at the age of 43. Hee-ju, who is strict with self-management, used to show contempt for fat people. It turns out that three years ago, Hee-ju, who was overweight and overweight, was ignored by her husband for not taking care of himself, and divorced her husband who had an affair. After that, he started a strict diet and became obsessed with exercise. But he, who had been exercising so desperately, suddenly became lethargic like a person with depression and even avoided sports meetings. Let’s meet the story that changed him through the drama.

Next, the case of Kim Min-kyung, who had difficulty walking due to arthritis in the past, but successfully recovered joint health, is released. Minkyung, who felt a severe lack of exercise as she began to age, said that she started exercising six years ago to manage her health. However, the sudden exercise caused the knee joint to become inflamed enough to cause water to fill and swell. But the way he was able to regain healthy joints was through rubber band exercise and tangerine peel tea. In addition, as a joint management method, ‘this’, which is eaten daily with salad, is also disclosed. In today’s broadcast, we will find out more about how to overcome his special arthritis.

‘Ildangbaek’ airs every Monday at 8:10 PM.

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