how to reduce newborn fever What do parents have to do to make their baby get well soon?


how to reduce newborn fever What should parents do when a baby has a fever? What kind of towels should be wiped? Can you take medicine? Let’s see how to reduce fever in babies.

reputed to have a fever As adults, we still feel suffering. If the baby isfluIt would feel uncomfortable as well. Especially if it’s a newborn with low immunity. Parents must be very distressed about what to to reduce fever in babyHow do you make your child feel better? For this, do not worry. because the dot com jar hashow to reduce newborn feverLet’s leave it. Let’s see how we have to take care of the baby to be safe. and recover faster

baby boy fever What can be caused?

We adults like us when we have a fever. The body will automatically heal itself. like adjusting the temperature to sweat cool down But these mechanisms have not yet occurred in infants. Plus, he doesn’t have enough fat layer to warm his body. so it is easy to get a fever by the cause of the newborn’s fever may be caused by

  • Infection – Because the child’s body still has less immunity. More susceptible to infection than adults. especially the virus which causes flu symptoms
  • hot ball – Your baby may be overheated from wearing multiple layers of clothing. or the blanket is too thick Including the outside temperature from sunlight and air that can cause him to become hot. Therefore, parents must be careful. in order not to let the temperature around him become too high and cause the child to have a fever
  • lack of water – Babies may not be getting enough water. (Meaning also breast milk) which raises body temperature. This may happen around the 2nd or 3rd day after birth, causing dehydration to a fever. Mothers may need to breastfeed more often. to normalize the temperature in the child
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How to reduce newborn fever?

If your baby has a low fever There were no serious symptoms other than crying from discomfort. Parents can help reduce fever for their children in the following ways.

  • Do not wear layers of clothes for your child – Also, don’t wrap your baby in a thick cloth, as doing so may cause his body to rise to an even higher temperature. Because the heat can not be released from the body. The best way is to choose clothes that are comfortable to wear. and another lightweight blanket to make your baby feel more comfortable. Also, the air conditioner should be turned off. and turn on the fan instead for ventilation
  • Antipyretics can be given to children – If your baby’s temperature exceeds 37.8 degrees Celsius, baby paracetamol can be given. But if your baby is under 3 months old, you should consult your doctor first to see how much medication you can give. And should not be used for more than 3 days in a row. Also, aspirin should not be given to children. Because it can affect the nervous system and make the body weak or even death.
  • Let your child drink clean water. or drink breast milk often – As mentioned above, Your child’s body temperature may rise when the body is dehydrated. In addition, when the body temperature is high, it will take in more oxygen. Make your child breathe faster and lose moisture in the body every time they breathe. Therefore, water and nutrients should be added to the child regularly. to replace the water in the body of the baby
  • Wipe yourself with warm water – If you want to wipe yourself to reduce body temperature for your child. Should use a sponge or towel moistened with warm water, wring it out and wipe it backwards along the hairline. to open the pores for better cooling Never wipe your child with cold water. Because cold water will cause blood vessels to constrict. The outer skin may cool. But the temperature inside the body does not decrease. This causes the child to have chills and possibly shock.
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sick baby

warn ! Absolutely do not when the baby has a fever

Let’s repeat one more time Because new parents may be shocked when their child has a fever. The things that are absolutely forbidden to do when a child has a fever is

  • Do not wait until your child has a high fever. To observe the abnormalities of the children regularly.
  • Do not give this medicine to an infant without his or her temperature. or have not consulted a doctor
  • The adult drug is contraindicated in infants.
  • Do not put heavy clothing on your child.
  • Do not use cold water, ice or alcohol to wipe your child. because it does not reduce fever and may make symptoms worse

Although parents can help take care and reduce fever in babies. But do not forget to closely observe the symptoms of the baby. Because if the fever is higher or has complications, it will be taken to the doctor in a timely manner.


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