How to register a gold patent Without registration status, what should I do?

On October 31, 2022, the receiving unitgold patent 50(5) Bangkok Noi District helps a young man without registration status to get an ID card even though his father is Thai.

Mrs Thitinadda Rakkuchai, National Health Security Coordination Center and other complaint bodies independent of the respondents under Section 50(5), Bangkok Noi District, has recently revealed that the center has helped Mr. Ngern Tasai, 20, a citizen of Thailand whowithout registration status to have their identity verified and completedidentity cardIt went back in September 2022.

Mr. Ngein family Lives in Lampang province and moved to work in Bangkok by staying in Bang Khun Si area. Bangkok Noi On behalf of Ngein’s father Mr Hold Thai national status with a 13-digit identification number starting with 5

The mother is a Luo ethnic group she does not havestatusthe registration is also, in principle, when the father has Thai nationality The child also has Thai nationality in accordance with the blood principle. When he went to inform the cashier, he got a 13-digit identification number starting with 0, which means a person without registration status.

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Guidelines for using the group’s service without registration status

Ms Thitinadda said that the fact that Ngern does not have an identity card means that he cannot access the right to medical treatment and welfare provided by the government. During the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, Ngern was unable to be vaccinated against COVID-19. so he asked for help from the Gold Patent Complaints Unit 50 (5), Bangkok Noi District. and had a DNA print test with Ramathibodi Hospital

However, because at the time the epidemic situation was serious. The ID card request process cannot continue. Later, when the situation was resolved, the unit accepted the patent 50(5) has therefore gone on to help co-ordinate the application to add a name to the house registration and complete the identity card. And after this will help to patentin order to continue to have access to the right to medical treatment

How to register a gold patent Without registration status, what should I do?

forGuidelines for using the service of the target group of people with status and rights problems (return of rights)

– Use the service at the registered service center (according to the house registration)

– In case of accident / emergency illness, you can get medical treatment across the states or across states in the service units under Ministry of Public Health.

– In the case of crossing the province, a permit is required to leave the area of ​​the Provincial Administration Department. (In the event of a car accident, the right can be continued from the initial damage paid by the car accident victim’s compensation fund or the insurance company)

How to get benefits

Link to register the right to receive public health treatment according to the domicile in the civil registration in different states.

Health Station (Days – Office Hours)

– Hospitals under the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health (business days and hours)

– Provincial Public Health Office (working days – office hours)

Bangkok they can be contacted at

3 hospitals under the Medical Services Department as follows:

1. Nopparat Ratchathani Hospital

2. Rajavithi Hospital

3. Lerdsin Hospital

From the website of the private fund with health insurance group status and rights issues of the Office of the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health

How to register a gold patent Without registration status, what should I do?

The group’s rights were registered with a gold patent.

Registration of group rights with status and rights issues New cases and those excluded from the National Health Security Fund Let the service unit do the following:

Number 1 of a registered agency

No. 3, 4, 5, 8 Registered Hospital

Number 6, registered hospitals, digits 6 and 7 are 50 or more, you can register on your own (if the conditions are not met, buy foreign insurance for 2,800 baht)

Number 7, the registration centre, the birth certificate must be sent to the registration center only. Father or mother must have a number starting with 6 and in the 6th, 7th digit must be 50 or more in order to register. (If not under this condition to purchase overseas health insurance)

Number 0, central registration, number 6 and 7 must be 89 only and send form 89 to the registration centre. The registered groups are

1. A group of students (Form 89 states that the student or the certificate from the educational institution, study status)

2. Group without root (Form 89 indicates without root)

3. Groups that are of Benefit to the Nation (Form 89 stating that Benefit to the Nation)

Download sample form 89 (copies from SorNorPor.)

How to register a gold patent Without registration status, what should I do?

An update! “How to register a gold patent”

For those who have not registered their rights, follow the 6 steps as follows:

1. Everyone knows themselves, what is their right to receive medical treatment at the moment? If there is no right to medical treatment as provided by the state, whether it is a civil servant’s right social security rights State enterprise rights and others for everyone, whether you are a citizen of Bangkok. Foreigners have to do a “proper check” Some people have blank (empty) rights.

2. What you need to prepare is 1. Identity card/birth certificate (For children under 7 or who do not have an identity card) and 2. Documents certifying residency such as house registration or water and electricity bill receipts , and so forth.

3. Travel to register If you live in Bangkok, contact the 19 district offices that are open for registration. If you live in the provinces, contact the sub-regional health promotion hospital or the Provincial Health Promotion Hospital.

4. Register at the registration point to select a service unit for receiving medical treatment according to the network account

5. Wait for time because after registration right every 15th or 28th of the month by submitting registration information will be divided into 2 rounds as follows

*Round 1 registration no later than the 10th of the month, the right will be up on the 15th of the month.

*Round 2 registration after the 10th but no later than the 22nd of the month, the right will be up on the 28th of the month.

**In the case of transferring treatment rights, use the same rights first. until new rights arise But if you are not registered, it will be a vacancy right to be able to exercise the right in case of an emergency accident only. For those who resigned from social security to registergold patentthey must check their rights immediately after the end of social security rights protection

The right can be used on every 15th and 28th day, which means after registrationgold patent There will be a period of approximately 15 days to 1 month before the rights can be exercised in the new place (NHSSO will have registration cycles on the 15th and 28th of the month) by using the right to receive treatment at the same service center . until the new rights are available.

6. It is recommended to check your rights again before receiving services at the service centre. to check if the rights are registered in the system

For those who want to register for health insurance rights (gold patent) If you experience problems and have questions, you can call the NHSO helpline 1330 (24 hours a day).

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