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10. Buy what you want

buy a wish list It’s one way to help restore the mind. It may not help that much, but it can make your heart flutter. It’s like rewarding yourself for being tired and being able to get through things at any given time.

Message Buy what you want

11. Write a stressful diary.

Writing a diary is like telling someone a story. If we can’t share our stress with anyone. This is a great way to be able to keep up with your emotions and let your stress out through letters. calm down after venturing what is in our deep heart without fear or consideration for others

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12. Follow the work of your favorite artist.

A favorite artist is like a healer to our souls every day, although sometimes we can’t meet the real one. But only your favorite artists have works for us to follow. It is seen as something that heals our hearts and encourages us to continue. Being able to forget bad stories and continue to live well every day

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In the rhythm of life, everyone has different stresses in every life situation. no matter what kind of event everyone will be able to get through everything for sure. We cannot know how long it will take to be stress free. but the author hopes that every reader will be able to enjoy every day and have a hearty meal with every meal.

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