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Want your HomePod or HomePod mini to automatically play or stop music? In fact, the built-in “Home” app in iOS 13 can support home automation settings. You can customize when you want HomePod to automatically play music or stop music, and you can even specify Apple Music music, albums or ambient music. you want HomePod to play music every day Play morning music or bedtime sleep support music automatically in the morning, which can be realized by setting the following teaching steps.

How to Automatically Play Music Tutorial with HomePod (Home Automation)

  • The iPhone / iPad system needs to be upgraded to iOS 13 / iPadOS 13 or later versions.
  • HomePod or HomePod mini system needs to be upgraded to 13.2.1 or newer.

Only iOS 13 or HomePod 13.2.1 or higher can support home automation settings. The following is a tutorial on how to play music automatically on HomePod.

Step 1. Open Home App automation settings

If you want to open the HomePod automation settings, open the internal settings “family” App, change to “Automation” tab, select “” and click on theAdd automation」.

Homepod automatically plays music 1

Step 2. Set the HomePod automation time

From the home automation list menu, click “a certain time」.

Homepod automatically plays music 2

exist”time automationmsgstr “In the page, you can choose to let HomePod start playing music at a specified time. If you want to schedule automation every day, you can click on the week of the repeat. In the member section, you can adjust which members can edit the automation settings. After confirmation, click Select “Next”. (Example: Automatically play music on HomePod at 8:35 am every day)

Homepod automatically plays music 3

Step 3. Set up automation accessories

Then you can choose to start accessories automatically, you can choose HomePod or HomePod mini.

Homepod automatically plays music 4

Step 4. Modify name and select media sound

can be adjusted from the topautomation namefor example, HomePod automatically plays music, which can be seen belowAutomatically record time and accessoriesWell enoughset media audiomore “sound” to set

Homepod automatically plays music 5

From the media page, you can first select “play sound“, which allows HomePod to play music within a regular time. If you want to stop or turn off music playback automatically at a certain time, you can select “audio delay」.

After the media management selection is completed, if you want to play the specified music, you can click “audio selection•••」.

Homepod automatically plays music 6

Step 5. Select Surround Sound or White Noise

Starting from the new version of iOS 16.3 and HomePod 16.3, there will be more “surround sound“, which corresponds to the default iOS white noise effect, where you can choose stove, forest, night, ocean, rain, river or white noise.

If you’re used to listening to white noise before going to bed at night to help you sleep, you can use HomePod to automatically play and pause music, so you don’t need to set a countdown function the iPhone alarm manually to stop automatically every time, and iOS white noise cannot stop automatically through the countdown timer. Wait, only with home automation.

Homepod automatically plays music 7

Step 6. Select Apple Music music or album songs

If you want to listen to Apple Music, you can directly select “Apple Music“, as a special reminder that it can only be used if you subscribe to Apple Music. The functions in the music menu are:

  • listen now: Automatically display Apple Music main page, where you can see Featured Recommendations, Recently Played, Music Recommendations, etc.
  • graze: The albums will be arranged according to different genres of music. If you don’t know what to listen to, you can find the audio genre here.
  • broadcasting: Apple Music 1, Music Hits, Gwlad Music music stations.
  • database: It will automatically connect to a personalized Apple Music database, often create music lists and song lists, and find the fastest from the database.
Homepod automatically plays music 8

Indeed, you can The Apple Music menu is considered a serial App interfacebut the menu at the bottom of the original app is changed to a plain text menu, and the actual screens of all the functions are almost the same.

Homepod automatically plays music 9

If I want to play music at a certain time every day to remember the music in the playlist, click the Add button in the upper right corner, and the playlist or collection will be added directly to the media list.Add a variety of different soundat the bottom of the media settings page, you can also adjust therepeat playorPlay Shuffleafter all settings are completed, you can click on the top left corner to select “return」.

Homepod automatically plays music 10

Step 7. Test the automation

Finally, you can click “Test this automatic operation” to check if these settings can make HomePod automatically play the music or white noise you just specified immediately.finish“Done.

Homepod automatically plays music 12

Step 8. Complete Home Automation

You’ll find HomePod’s newly added auto-play music function in the home automation list. Of course, you can also add another HomePod automation through this step, which can turn off and stop playing music at a certain time, so that HomePod will every day Play and stop music for a certain time.

Homepod automatically plays music 11

function summary

Use this home automation tutorial to let you know how to set up HomePod’s automation functionality. If you have purchased a HomePod mini or HomePod, it is recommended to try it as soon as possible, so that you can avoid manual clicking or relying on Siri to play music every day HomePod can automatically play music or automatically stop and turn off music every day when you go to work, come home from work, or go to bed at night.

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