How to take the “emergency contraceptive pill” women must know To be safe, reduce the chance of cancer: PPTVHD36

emergency contraceptive pills Sold as a box, with 1 box containing 1 blister, each blister contains 2 emergency contraceptive pills, each containing a high dose hormonal pill. Levonorgestrel (levonorgestrel) 750 g each

in accordance with the principles of the Department of Health Ministry of Public Health Taking the emergency contraceptive pill is dangerous. Maybe not a hundred percent yet. Because if you eat right Take the first pill within 72 hours after having sex. and take the second pill 12 hours after taking the first pill. And it is not recommended to take more than 4 tablets or 2 boxes per month.

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Two emergency contraceptive pills can be taken at the same time. The efficacy and safety are not different from the two divided doses, but there may be nausea. vomiting easier which should only be taken in emergencies, such as unintended sexual intercourse It is not for long-term birth control.

The mechanism of action of the emergency contraceptive pill interferes with the ovulation process and sperm motility. including endometrial changes to make implantation of the egg difficult Or to put it simply, the emergency contraceptive pill only contributes to “reducing the chances” of pregnancy. And of course, the sudden stimulation of hormones would lead to side effects after taking the emergency contraceptive pill, often found that women often have side effects such as

  • headache
  • Abdominal pain, blood clotting
  • Menstruation is earlier or later than usual

Which is considered a normal symptom, not dangerous, but if these symptoms occur continuously for several days or more than a week It is better to see a doctor for a diagnosis.

However, correct use of the emergency contraceptive pill after unprotected intercourse has been found to increase pregnancy rates. Occurs in 2% Those who do not take the emergency contraceptive pill have about a 2% chance of getting pregnant. 8 In other words, the emergency contraceptive pill can only reduce the risk of pregnancy by 75%.

However, as I said, the emergency contraceptive pill is not intended for long-term contraception. and when eating often or eating consecutively for a long time also lead to less effectiveness of emergency contraceptive pills or make it possible to get pregnant higher Including the amount of female hormones in emergency contraceptive pills that is higher than normal birth control pills 2 times, it can still cause various dangers, such as increasing the risk of cervical cancer or breast cancer, etc.

emergency contraception does not help miscarriage?

One common belief is that taking the emergency contraceptive pill can cause a miscarriage. in disbelief As I said, emergency contraception reduces the efficiency of the egg and sperm. or already pregnant Taking the emergency contraceptive pill is a waste.
combine birth control methods Choose one that suits your lifestyle. Safe and secure

The emergency contraceptive pill was created to help reduce the chance of pregnancy. In case of accidental sex, sexual violence or condom tearing, so if any couple wants to use long-term contraception It is best to consult your doctor to choose a safe and appropriate birth control method. More importantly, when using contraceptive methods, whether it is a pill or an emergency contraceptive pill, you should consult a doctor or pharmacist appropriately. Importantly, condoms should be used every time to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. and higher contraceptive efficiency

Thanks for information from: Paolo Hospital and Phyathai Hospital

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