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How to touch the top of the iPhone 14 Pro Max screen with one hand

The iPhone 14 Pro series, which includes Apple’s new attempt at “Dynamic Island” interaction, a new dark purple color, a 48-megapixel main camera, and an “Always on Display” screen, has been very popular since its launch, whether is a fruit powder or black Fans, whether they buy or negotiate, are quite high. Some friends are worried that if they choose the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the screen with 6.7 memory will not be able to operate the screen with one hand. To be honest… this part is nothing to worry about!

If you like the visual experience of a big screen, but have small hands, then you can choose from “setting」 >>> 「Auxiliary use」 >>> 「touch“to open”touch at the top of the screen” option. After opening, if you want to lower the upper part of the screen, you can quickly slide your finger down (pull it) on the lower edge of the screen. To return to full screen, you can tap upper the screen, or a little Wait a moment for it to automatically restore on its own.

For Apple”Be brave enough to try to bring a better life experience to users“This spirit has always been one of the reasons why consumers love it. Some new features may not have been so perfect when they were first launched, but just like “touch at the top of the screen”, after the launch of the large screen model iPhone 6 Plus, users can tap the Home button 2 down to touch The screen goes down, and now even models without touch ID use the “pull down” action to change the screen’s operating range. So, let’s test the new machine while still looking forward to Apple, who has a lot of demands on details, to bring us more user-friendly interactive experiences!

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