How to use Generative Fill, a new feature of Photoshop, which allows AI to help make amazing images!

How to use Generative Fill new features of Photoshop Increase the speed of work with intelligent AI, good work as a professional.

Last weekend, the program Adobe Photoshop added a new function Productive filling which uses AI to help create more perfect image editing works, such as changing the image from horizontal to vertical by adding missing parts, etc.

Today, Thaiger will bring everyone to know AND how to use Photoshop’s AI Generative Fill to apply it to your own work to the fullest. It’s like having a professional help you hand in hand to create the work.

How to use Generative Fill, the new AI feature of Photoshop

What is Productive Fill?

Generative Fill is a feature powered by Adobe Firefly, an AI module that Adobe says uses licensed images from Adobe Stock. To ensure that the work can be used for commercial purposes.

By doing so, Adobe Firefly uses what it knows about other artwork to synthesize a reasonable continuation of the original artwork By generating text typed by the user describing the situation. the more detailed the more likely you are to get results that meet your needs.

How to use Generative Fill in Photoshop

The Generative Fill feature is currently only available to those with the beta desktop version of Adobe Photoshop. It is expected to be fully launched in the second half of the year. But to begin with there are ways to use it as follows

1. Open the Photoshop Beta program and insert the image you want to use the Generative Fill function.

AI Generative Fill Photoshop

2. Click on the Generative Fill tool. A popup will appear asking the user if they want to add Prompts. There are 3 options for the user:

  • If you don’t type text in the popup, AI will process the image. to remove or add other elements as the program sees fit.
  • If you type in elements you want to add but haven’t specified (position / size / color etc.), AI will process them. in order to get the image out as appropriate
  • If you print the desired element By explaining in detail, the AI ​​will process the image according to the order received. Be as close to the needs as possible
AI Generative Fill Photoshop

3. To choose to add a specific element. This can be done by using the Selection tool and remove the circle you want to keep. Since the part of the image that the AI ​​will produce is the part outside the loop

4. Then go to the Select menu, select Reverse.

5. Go to the Generative Fill pop-up and type the command. the desired element down (The more detailed, the more accurate you want), then the AI ​​will generate the image for us to choose from 3-6 types.

6. When you get the picture you want You can download the image and use it as usual. Without any copyright

AI Generative Fill Photoshop

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