However, difficult support for earthquake victims due to the loss of roads

The death toll from the earthquake in Qianjur, West Java, Indonesia, has risen to 321. More than 70,000 people were affected by the earthquake, but as the roads are blocked by the earthquake, their support is also finds it difficult.

According to Indonesia’s National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) on the 28th (local time), at 5:00 pm the previous day, 321 people died from the earthquake, up three compared to 24 hours ago. The number of missing people dropped from 14 to 11.

In addition, more than 27,000 homes were severely damaged by the earthquake, and if you include those with moderate or minor damage, approximately 60,000 homes were damaged. Around 74,000 people are currently living in 325 shelters as their homes have been damaged.

The Indonesian government plans to start repairing houses in need of repair and start building new ones for the displaced people from next week. He has also promised financial support for this.

However, local media such as the Daily Compass reported that the victims who had to live immediately complained of suffering due to lack of food and medicine. In particular, around 8,000 injured people suffer because they do not receive proper medical assistance.

In particular, as the road restoration work has been delayed, assistance to the victims has not been properly implemented.

Roads were washed away by the earthquake, and landslides occurred in many places, blocking roads and making access difficult. For this reason, the government is also providing assistance via helicopters and motorbikes as it works to restore roads.

Furthermore, the procession of vehicles to transport relief supplies pouring in from all over the country continues, making the already narrow roads more congested, slowing aid activities.

The governor of Chiazur county, Herman Suhermann, said that since the convoy of vehicles to distribute donations and aid goods was overcrowded, the work vehicles of rescue workers and hospital vehicles transporting the injured were blocked. Please deliver the relief goods through”.

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