HSEM introduces smart battery charging cabinet, easy to use, convenient and economical

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Boss Wanchai uses the crisis to create an opportunity to continue to develop a smart battery charging cabinet or Battery Swapping Tank, expected to be released by the end of June.

Khun Wanchai Leenawattana, Chief Executive Officer of Hsem Motor Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of electric motorcycles, electric golf carts, electric tricycles and electric four wheelers, revealed, “With determination and determination to be a part of building a society of colors. green Therefore, it is committed to brainstorming and thinking to develop a smart battery charging cabinet or Battery Swapping Tank under the project “ECO SMART BATTERY CHARGER” focusing on ease of use, convenience, speed and cost savings. Allowing users to drive continuously No worries about charging the battery.

Working principle of intelligent battery charging cabinet or Battery Swapping Tank via a touch screen. Controls the power supply with the motherboard to maintain the stability of the battery power. There are 4 simple steps to replace the battery. Press the “Start” button to start using. The gaps in the cabinet will open. Put the battery to be charged in the compartment. Put the polarity firmly and close the door when the door is completely closed and charging starts. There is another door that holds the fully charged batteries open. Just remove the terminal and close the cabinet door. And users can check the level of battery power available in each charging cabinet via the LED display at a cost of only 4 baht per battery charge. PM 2.5 increases the air quality for our children.

This smart battery charging cabinet It is a prototype innovation. We have tested it in the factory and nearby community. To bring back performance and satisfaction data, further enhancing the convenience of the model that will be released to the public at the end of June.

Interested in installing the HSEM intelligent battery charging cabinet Or ask for more information, contact the customer service hotline, phone 099-001-1888, Monday – Saturday from 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM or see details via fan page. and



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