Hu Hongjun wants to meet Cai Sibei for a meal, and the real relationship between the two is… (16:22)-20211204-SHOWBIZ

Hubert attended the “AEG Music Rankings Awards Ceremony” last night and won a total of 4 awards and became a big winner. He thinks it’s a good start, even if the 4 Taiwan Awards Ceremony has not been held, he is a big winner.

Hubert explained: “I have launched a series this year, and I have produced many very satisfying songs and completed the concert. In addition, the new record will be released at the end of the year, which is a great harvest for me. I hugged and went to the party every year. Attending the awards ceremony, I felt the most confident in the first few years in the industry. Later I realized that awards are not the most important. Being recognized and appreciated is the biggest award.”

He revealed that he would invite the front and back of the concert and friends who showed up to join the show to eat. When asked about the implication that he would invite his rumored girlfriend Cai Sibei to dinner, Hubert said, “She is starting work and will be waiting for her. She will also work this Christmas, but she will eat dinner with the sisters of SÏXTERS. (Look for them) Cover?) I am one of them, all sisters.”

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