Hua Chunying hits back with 10 examples: The US is the world’s biggest surveillance empire | blog post

March 1, 2023 12:31 Last updated: 12:46

In response to some voices in the United States recently hyping that “China is conducting surveillance activities around the world,” Hua Chunying, China’s assistant foreign minister and spokeswoman, posted 10 photos on Twitter on the 28th to fight back, listing that the United States “is the “biggest surveillance empire in the world.” 10 photos from a series of facts.

Hua Chunying tweeted, “Although some people in the United States claim that China has a surveillance balloon program that covers five continents, the truth is: the United States itself is the world’s largest ‘surveillance empire’. The following in a long list of them 10 facts:”


Fact 1: Monitor allies. The United States “indiscriminately” monitors and monitors its allies, including former German Chancellor Angela Merkel and several French presidents.


Fact 2: “Prism Gate”. The United States monitors Internet communications through the “Prism” program and collects user data from telecommunications operators around the world.


Fact 3: “Crypto AG”. This Swiss encryption equipment supplier secretly operated by the CIA collects communications information from more than 120 countries.


Fact 4: “Operation Telescreen”. The “Equation” hacker organization operated by the US National Security Agency (NSA) has launched cyber attacks on 45 countries and regions around the world for more than ten years.


Fact 5: “Dirty Box”. The NSA developed and used “dirty boxes” in programs such as the “Informant Without Borders Project” to simulate cell phone base station signals to steal phone data.


Fact 6: “Anger Angle Project” and “Strengthen Project”. The United States launched the “Project Angry Horns” and “Project Firmness” to implant spyware into mobile phones, hack into Yahoo and Google servers, and obtain hundreds of millions of private information.


Fact 7: Fiber optic cable carries secrets. The NSA hacked into SMW4 (the largest submarine cable connecting Europe and Asia) to steal secrets from the submarine cable.


Fact 8: Cyber ​​attacks. The United States has successively used 41 types of weapons and cyber attack equipment to launch more than 1,000 cyber attacks on Northwestern Polytechnical University in China, stealing core technical data.


Fact 9: High altitude reconnaissance. The United States is repurposing high-altitude balloons carrying surveillance equipment for military use to track Chinese and Russian hypersonic missiles.


Fact 10: Take a closer look. The United States conducts close reconnaissance against China in the South China Sea, including the use of fake civilian aircraft identification numbers.


A few days ago, CNN released a report titled “Chinese Fighter Aircraft and US Navy Military Aircraft Clash in the South China Sea (Above)” on the 24th local time to hype, revealing that the US military aircraft had come with American media reporters to harass China The location of receiving radio warnings from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army on islands and reefs in the South China Sea.

Some military observers said that similar videos reflect that the United States is at the root of the tension in the South China Sea, high-intensity close reconnaissance in the South China Sea.

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