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Huali teachers and students return to the cinema to begin the first lesson of campus cultural activities in the new semesterFlying into the homes of ordinary people

Caption: Huali teachers and students shared the source of watching the film/provided by the interviewee

College life is back on track, and movie theaters on campus are open again. Yesterday, more than 800 party members and students of East China University of Science and Technology returned to the 800-seat theater located in Huali Fengxian Campus, watched the movie “The Jedi Counterattack of Chinese Ping Pong”, and invited Deng Chao and Yu Baimei to communicate on the spot. , opened the first lesson of campus cultural activities in the new semester.

Over the years, relying on the advantages of the school’s high-level table tennis team, “Huali Table Tennis” has successively trained a large number of athletes and college students, including Wang Yidi (currently ranked 4th in the world) , Tie Yana, Shan Xiaona and other world famous players, and the construction results are amazing. . In 2012, the Table Tennis Club of East China University of Science and Technology won the Chinese Table Tennis Club Super League championship, creating a miracle in the history of the Table Tennis Super League, and is the only university to have won this honor. .

With such a relationship, when Hua Li watched a movie, he was more ableExperience the history of Chinese table tennis bravely faced difficulties and frustrations and carried out a Jedi counterattack. After understanding the story behind the film, I found that even in table tennis, athletes will have a national strength , moments of frustration. But in the face of the trough, the Chinese table tennis players used the belief in their hearts to show the Chinese sportsmanship of never giving up.

Huali student Yang Yiwei said: After attending the film party class, I deeply realized that “although the mountains and rivers are safe, we should strive for self-improvement.” The spirit of national table tennis is in accordance with the spirit of the Chinese Communists Spirit of patriotism, the spirit of patriotism for the dignity of the motherland and the nation.

Xu Jing, who was a major in Huali Industrial Design, said: After watching the movie, I am really grateful to everyone who worked for the birth of this movie. When we have just come out of the epidemic, what the Chinese need most is the power of belief. The sentence “I have traveled to so many places in the world, the Chinese must be the most industrious nation.” it touched me deeply. “That’s right, with the tenacity of the Chinese people, why can’t they survive the cold winter? Why can’t the Chinese people win if they have such a role model?”

After the film, the students had a face-to-face sharing session with the main creative team. When the two directors heard that East China University of Science and Technology has a deep relationship with the sport of table tennis, Deng Chao said: “I think we must come to the school to meet you and communicate with you. It’ This film is made for young people. We should understand the story behind Guoping and continue the spirit of Guoping.”

Xinmin Evening News Reporter Zhang Jiongqiang

Editor: Lu Jiahui


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