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Huang Jingyu loves military dramas, and he cries at the military parade-Chinanews.com

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Partner Li Qin starred in the hit drama “Fall in Love with Special Forces” and revealed that he doesn’t like selfies in life

Huang Jingyu loves military dramas and cries at the military parade

In the TV series “Fall in Love with Special Forces”, Huang Jingyu once again appeared in the image of a soldier after the movies “Operation Red Sea” and “Decisive Moment”. It was also the first time he explained the personal life of soldiers outside the battlefield and troops in film and television works.

He said that he does have a different preference for military-themed works. With the increase in the frequency of playing military roles and the accumulation of experience in life in the military, he is more and more inspired by the spirit of the Chinese military. “Every time I look at it, I cry during the military parade. Every time I shoot military-themed works, I live with the soldiers and listen to their songs, I have the urge to go out and see righteousness.”

The action scenes in the play are all done in person

A long time ago, the film crew of “Fall in Love with Special Forces” had contacted Huang Jingyu. It was not until he met the main creative team that he realized that they were a group of very lovely people. “The producers and directors are very righteous people, and they get along well with me. “After reading the script, Huang Jingyu discovered that in addition to the stories of soldiers on the battlefield and in the barracks, there are many sweet little stories. “This drama actually doesn’t show much about the military, it’s more about emotional entanglements with girlfriends.”

Compared with other military-themed works played by Huang Jingyu, “Fall in Love with Special Forces” is relatively easy, “the military project has fewer scenes, and it is definitely not that tired in terms of physical strength.”

In the play, the training scenes are not too difficult for Huang Jingyu. He completed them personally. “I am more afraid of heights. Only a few of them need to stand at a higher place or play the role of Wia, which will be a little bit difficult. tension.”

Perhaps it was because the conditions for filming were relatively difficult before. This filming made Huang Jingyu suddenly feel that it would be good to occasionally film “Dating in Love” scenes. “I am a person with many changes. I liked shooting military-themed works a while ago. And the state comes very quickly and naturally. But recently I have seen some dramas that are purely in love, and I think it’s not bad.”

Acting as Liang Muze, witnessing the peak period of weight

Not long after “Fall in Love with Special Forces” began, when “Huang Jingyu’s figure” appeared on the hot search, his heart was very flustered. “There are many comments saying’very fat’, and I have nothing to excuse. He is indeed fat.” He sighed, and said with emotion: “It’s a mess! It didn’t look lean at all, but a very fat state.” The words are a bit exaggerated, but it shows the strictness of Huang Jingyu’s management of his body.

It turned out that the filming of the play spanned a special period at the beginning of the outbreak in 2020. When it first started, the director wanted to take some shots showing the figure of the actor Liang Muze, but Huang Jingyu felt that there was no need to worry, “Let’s queue these scenes back, and I will practice a little bit, and the effect will be better.”

As a result, Huang Jingyu ate at home for more than a month due to the cessation of work by the epidemic crew for more than a month, and he gained more than 20 catties. “One day the staff suddenly informed me that: I can start work. I said in my heart: It’s over!”

Because the filming progress of the whole drama has reached the late stage, some scenes must be shot immediately, so Huang Jingyu finished most of the shots that needed to show his body in this movie at the peak of his life’s weight of more than 180 kilograms. “From the first day I resumed work, I insisted on running back to the hotel, but I actually lost weight very quickly.”

Love military theme

Now I am more like a “veteran”

“Are you excited every time you watch the National Day military parade?” During the interview, Huang Jingyu suddenly asked the reporter. He said that every time he watched the military parade, he would burst into tears. “I don’t know why I am so excited, but I can cry every time.”

From the movies “Operation Red Sea” and “The Final Moment”, the TV series “Icebreaker” and “Fall in Love with Special Forces”, to the unbroadcast TV series “Ace Force” and the movie “Peacekeeping Team”, Huang Jingyu’s images of soldiers and policemen each time Can leave a deep impression on the audience.

He himself also admitted that he particularly prefers scripts with such themes. “Actually, I have only played three military roles, including “Operation Red Sea”, “Decisive Moment” and “Fall in Love with Special Forces”. “Operation Icebreaker” is an anti-drug police. But I don’t know why people think I acted like dozens of (similar images).”

“Operation Red Sea” is Huang Jingyu’s first big screen work and his first appearance in a soldier. “That is a very good professional soldier image, without much expression of life and emotions, it is a perfect display of his combat skills. “

Huang Jingyu recalled that at that time, his understanding of soldiers was not as profound as now. “Looking at the previous works, you can see from the salute to the army that I was a’recruit’, and I am like an’veteran’ now.” Later, he filmed “Decisive Moment”. “Fall in Love with Special Forces”, “Although these military characters do not change much in their costumes, each time they have a different sense of freshness.”

Take “Ace” to eat and live with the officers and soldiers

After reading many military-themed scripts, Huang Jingyu also summarized some of his judgments, “There must be delicate things in the big feelings, and there must be some stories that express details.”

What Huang Jingyu looks forward to most is the unbroadcast TV series “Ace Force” starring him. “I really love this movie, and now I’m promoting it with people wherever I go.”

In fact, the shooting environment and conditions were very difficult, but Huang Jingyu’s great feelings and comradeship in the play were also the most moving. “People who have not experienced this kind of emotion can’t experience this kind of emotion. I feel that I don’t feel it thoroughly enough. “

During the filming of “Ace Force”, the entire crew was in the mountains for several months. There is no signal in the ravine, and no one has any entertainment projects. The main creative team, like the officers and soldiers of the army, eats and lives together every day. Such a creative environment allows actors to quickly engage in roles and plots.

“When filming in the army, watching them singing, watching them chanting slogans, that kind of vigor and bloodliness is uniquely contagious. Hearing military songs in the big mountain ditch, I won’t feel scared even in the middle of the night. If I go out, I want to see righteousness. Impulse.”

And when we get along, the relationship between the main creative actors is also very cordial, “Everyone is a way of getting along between men, there will not be many complicated things in it, it is very pure. The feelings between people are also deeper.”


If you take selfies every day, it will be sad

In the play, Huang Jingyu and Li Qin played a pair of lovers. This is also the first collaboration between the two. In the story that was aired not long ago, Li Qin played a blind spot in the self-portrait of Liang Muze played by Huang Jingyu, played by Huang Jingyu. Huang Jingyu laughed and said that in life, he is actually a person who doesn’t like selfies. “I rarely take selfies. I think the selfies are not as good as the ones taken by others. Every time my staff asks me to take a selfie, it’s very special. It takes a lot of effort. If I were to take selfies every day, I would definitely be sad.”

Written by/Beijing News reporter Zhang Kunyu


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