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[Epoch Times, January 18, 2022](Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia comprehensive report) Mainland actor Huang Xiaoming posted on Weibo at 0:5 on the 17th to celebrate his 5th birthday for his son “Little Sponge”. Huang Xiaoming, who was praised as “super-minded”, posted a gesture of 5 to 5 plus a birthday cake, which attracted 160 million views. Seeing related topics on Weibo’s hot search, netizens shouted to see family photos.

January 17th is the 5th birthday of Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy’s son “Little Sponge”. Huang Xiaoming posted a post in the early morning to celebrate his son’s birthday, which aroused attention and heated discussions. Hot search. Netizens also sent their blessings: “I wish Mianzai a happy birthday and grow up healthily!”

Since Huang Xiaoming reposted Yang Ying’s post to celebrate his son’s birthday on the 3rd birthday of “Little Sponge” two years ago, but this time, Yang Ying’s post and movements were not seen, which aroused outside speculation. Some netizens shouted “When can I see the family portrait”, hoping to dispel doubts.

Huang Xiaoming once contracted the first floor of the Shanghai Exhibition Center in 2015 and held a high-profile wedding with Yang Ying. At that time, 200 tables were opened, and most of the entertainment industry came to congratulate. More than 2,000 guests witnessed the wedding of the century, which cost over 100 million yuan. Since then, their every move has attracted much attention. And “Little Sponge”‘s birthday every year seems to be some kind of indicator for netizens to measure the relationship between Huang Xiaoming and his wife.

After marriage, Huang Xiaoming and his wife frequently showed their affection, but with the fermentation of Fan Bingbing’s tax scandal in 2018, many entertainers in the entertainment industry were interviewed by the CCP official to pay taxes. For the tax payment, there is entertainment record gossip Yang Ying is in a hurry to run away, and even gives up the guardianship of her son “Little Sponge”.

Although it is impossible to confirm the authenticity of the news, Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying have not publicly shared the same stage and frame since then, and the two no longer show their affection on Weibo as before, so there are endless rumors of marriage change.

Regarding the frequent rumors of marriage changes, although Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying clarified through the staff that “the divorce rumors are false”, they were still unable to quell the speculation for a long time.

However, some netizens explained on Weibo this time that although Yang Ying hasn’t posted a family photo for a long time, the two also show their affection indirectly. For example, in the fourth season of the reality show “Signal of the Heart”, Yang Ying wore a wedding ring of more than 40 million yuan for a poster. Later, when she attended the spokesperson event of a TV station party, she also wore a wedding ring for an interview.

In addition, after Huang Xiaoming returned to his hometown in Qingdao, Shandong in July 2021, he posted photos on Weibo. You can see the wedding photos of him and Yang Ying hanging on the wall of his grandmother’s house. Netizens believe that there are various signs that can confirm that the two are “not married”.

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