Huang Xiaoming Returns to Espionage War-Themed Works in “Stalker”: A Three-Faced Lurker with a Majestic Style

After starring in the film “The Wind,” Huang Xiaoming returned to his espionage war-themed works in the TV series “Stalker.” In this series, he played Fang Jiashu, a member of the endangered Chinese Communist Party underground party with a complex identity. Huang Xiaoming portrayed a believable “three-faced lurker” with a quiet and majestic style. He maintained the tone of a high-achieving student who returned from studying abroad while possessing a firm revolutionary will.

In recent years, Huang Xiaoming’s biggest compliment has been that he is even more handsome when he doesn’t try to act handsome. He has become more mature and few people criticize his acting skills. Instead, he is praised as the “Best Actor Grand Slam.” Huang Xiaoming humbly accepts this compliment and thanks everyone for it.

In “Stalker,” Fang Jiashu’s identity as a “three-faced lurker” is revealed from the beginning. He serves as the deputy director of the intelligence department in No. 76 of the Puppet Wang Secret Service Headquarters as a spy on our side, hiding under the identity of “Du Juan.” He is constantly in danger of being exposed. Fang Jiashu faces a series of crises, including betrayal by his comrades and discovering traitors. The unexpected arrival of the bride, Tao Yuling (played by Jiang Xin), and her two children adds more challenges for Fang Jiashu. Huang Xiaoming believes that the storyline of “Stalker” is very rare and intertwining.

Fang Jiashu needs to show different emotions when facing different people due to his special status as a lurker. This puts a lot of pressure and challenges on Huang Xiaoming. He jokingly admits that the most similar thing between himself and Fang Jiashu is their good relationships with colleagues. However, Fang Jiashu is much smarter and faster, while Huang Xiaoming is always slow. Fang Jiashu is a skilled worker on the secret front of their party. He faces various difficulties and complicated situations with great courage and responsibility.

Fang Jiashu is in a constant state of high tension, both at work and in life, facing internal and external attacks. Huang Xiaoming must interpret complex psychological changes and reactions while maintaining a stable external state. He believes that this role can help him make a breakthrough.

After the release of “Stalker,” Huang Xiaoming’s performance received recognition from the audience. People have praised him for becoming more handsome when he doesn’t try to be. From his role in “The Wind” to his recent works, his acting skills have improved. Huang Xiaoming admits that there used to be more pressure, but now he feels relaxed and has a deeper understanding of the characters. He observes real people from different industries to get closer to the characters he portrays.

Getting into the character’s state is not easy, and Huang Xiaoming goes to great lengths to achieve it. He gains or loses weight based on the needs of the role. The transformation between “fat and thin” depends on his work requirements. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on health in daily life.

Huang Xiaoming believes that as he gets older and thinks more about his career and life, he must preserve the expressions while showcasing emotions on the screen. His acting style has become more introspective, and he values audience feedback. He sees every suggestion as a gift and uses it to improve himself. Huang Xiaoming remains humble and believes that his only job is to prove himself through his work.

Following the film “The Wind”, Huang Xiaoming returned to espionage war-themed works, and in the TV series “Stalker”, he played Fang Jiashu, an endangered Chinese Communist Party underground party with a complex identity. . He created a believable “three-faced lurker” with a quiet and majestic style, which not only maintained the tone of a high-achieving student who returned from studying abroad, but also possessed a firm revolutionary will.

After the age of 40, Huang Xiaoming is more mature and has a more stable mindset. Photo provided by the interviewee

In recent years, everyone’s biggest comment on Huang Xiaoming is, “Huang Xiaoming is even more handsome when he doesn’t act handsome”. Without the publicity of the past, he has become more mature, and few people ridiculed his “oil” acting skills. Instead, it is often referred to as the “Best Actor Grand Slam”. Huang Xiaoming said with a smile, “This should be a compliment to me, so I thank you all first.”

“Fang Jiashu is very witty, I’m always slow”

“Stalker” reveals Huang Xiaoming’s identity as a “three-faced stalker” at the beginning of the episode. He serves as the deputy director of the intelligence department in No. 76 of the Puppet Wang Secret Service Headquarters as a lurker for our side “Du Juan”, and is in danger of being exposed at any moment. . At first, Fang Jiashu was dealing with the crisis almost continuously. First, he had to face the dire situation of being betrayed by his comrades and discovering the traitors. However, the sudden appearance of the bride- Tao Yuling’s child-in-law (played by Jiang Xin) and her two children add many challenges to Fang Jiashu. In Huang Xiaoming’s opinion, the plots of “Stalker” are intertwined, “I think such a story is very rare.”

Due to the special status of “Three-faced Lurker”, Fang Jiashu needs to show different emotions when facing different people, which puts a lot of pressure and challenges on Huang Xiaoming. The picture was provided by the interviewee

He said with a smile that in terms of personality, the most similar thing between himself and Fang Jiashu is, “Our colleagues have a good relationship, and we always get along with everyone at work.” As for the difference,” That’s too much. First of all, Fang Jiashu is much smarter and faster than me, and I’m always slow.”

Fang Jiashu was called “Smiling Tiger” on the 76th, and people around him said that he “does things without dropping words”. He has studied in Japan and can mix with the Japanese represented by Shibuya. At the same time, he also has the status of a military command agent. He needs to complete the task assigned by the “Silver Fox” with Su Yalu (played by Wan Qian). In Huang Xiaoming’s opinion, Fang Jiashu is a very good worker at the secret front of our party. He has been facing various difficulties and complicated situations, and he is under great pressure and responsibility. courage, in order to complete the tasks assigned by the organization, and provoke a conflict between the military commander, Number 76, and the Japanese, and use the conflict between them to get more information for our party. “Such intelligence and ability, as well as the charisma of the character is impressive.”

As reflected in the role, Fang Jiashu is in a state of high tension and even division no matter at work or in life, which can be described as an internal and external attack. This requires Huang Xiaoming to interpret complex psychological changes and reactions to different situations in a stable external state. Although he also acted in some period dramas in the past, Fang Jiashu gave him many different feelings, “I believe this role can make me make a breakthrough.”

“After substituting for the role, the performance became more relaxed”

After the broadcast of “Stalker”, Huang Xiaoming’s performance in the show was also recognized by the audience. Netizens said, “When Huang Xiaoming doesn’t notice how handsome he is, he becomes very handsome.” From the movie “The Wind” Transformation, Huang Xiaoming sinks more and more into roles and characters. In “Stalker”, the identity of Fang Jiashu is very complicated, and the relationship between the characters is also unpredictable. He did not dare to design too many actions, because the more the small actions, the easier it is to be exposed, but because the lurkers often cannot. sleep, Huang Xiaoming gave it Small details were designed, that is, no cigarettes and coffee beans are put in the cigarette case, and when you are tired and sleepy, you can chew a little pill to refresh yourself.

From “Langya Bang: The Wind Rises from the Long Forest” to “The Sideburns Are Not Begonia Red” and “The War of the Roses”, after seeing Huang Xiaoming’s works in recent years, the biggest feeling is that his acting skills improved. He admitted that there were more moments of competition in the past, but now he feels relaxed and relaxed, and has a more detailed and deeper understanding of the characters. From observing the characters, getting close to the characters, to become the character, in recent years, what he hears, watches and feels really brought him is to make the “Huang Xiaoming” in the public eye further away from the audience. • characters become closer to the audience.

In order to appear in the movie “Chinese Partner” (left) and the TV series “War of the Roses” (right), to reflect the characteristics of different roles, Huang Xiaoming deliberately changed his body.

However, it is not easy to get close to the character status of different characters. Starting from the tough man roles in the movies “Night Banquet”, “The Wind” and the TV series “Jing Zhong Yue Fei”, Huang Xiaoming tried to change his appearance and enter the role state, and became has more of himself in it too. observe real people in different industries. In the movie “Chinese Partner”, in order to achieve the status of the characters in the movie, Huang Xiaoming deliberately gained weight. In the TV series “War of the Roses”, he hoped that the status of the character would not only conform to the capable professional identity of a partner in a law firm, but also conform to the “white moonlight” memory of the hero and heroine in the emotional line. For this reason, he deliberately exercised to lose weight. After losing weight, he felt very refreshed. Communicated with the stylist of the crew not to be too decorated. The clothes are mainly shirts, which looks more capable.

Regarding his transformation between “fat and thin”, Huang Xiaoming said that it still depends on the needs of work, “In fact, all my weight loss and shaping is for work. Everyone should focus on health in daily life, eat’ n well, drink well, and sleep well.”

“Emotions need to be hot, but expressions must be reserved”

Huang Xiaoming can be considered to become famous at a young age, but pure growth experience is not an advantage for an actor. Huang Xiaoming once analyzed and felt that he is not a talented actor, nor does he have the conditions to be a good actor. But he is very active and competitive, the more the outside world thinks he is not suitable, the more he wants to prove that he can do well. Huang Xiaoming said that the current mentality is indeed much better than before, “I have passed that stage (competition), and the general mentality will be more stable, but this does not mean that I am relaxed about ‘good show acting’. On the contrary Land, I have some new understanding of acting, and I hope to take it to the next level.”

Huang Xiaoming said it could be because he is getting older and thinking more about career and life. Therefore, in terms of performance, especially in terms of emotion, even though the emotion is hot, the expression must be preserved. Huang Xiaoming’s acting style in recent years has become much more introspective. He is very honest about some previous comments on the Internet as a “dominant, greasy president”. It must be fake, but now I can calm down. Audience feedback is very important for an actor, and I will look at it and think about it dialectically.” In Huang Xiaoming’s opinion, the only thing he can do is calm down, use works to prove himself, and every suggestion is a gift to him.

Huang Xiaoming believes that audience feedback is very important to actors. The photo was provided by the interviewee

In his opinion, the older you are, the more careful you are. Huang Xiaoming today, looking at himself before the age of 40, feels very “stupid”: when he was 20 years old, he was full of self-confidence; he had some success. If the current Huang Xiaoming had the chance to say a word to himself when he was 20 years old, what would he say? He thought for a moment, “Work hard, your hard work will pay off.”


The Beijing News: What is the special spark of playing opposite Jiang Xin this time?

Huang Xiaoming:I worked with her on the TV series “Dragon Ticket” a long time ago, and I thought she was very spiritual then. This collaboration is even more pleasant, she is a very professional actor, we also exchanged a lot of experience during the filming process. She and I are also very good friends off screen.

The Beijing News: What do you think is the relationship between Fang Jiashu and Ye Xingcheng played by Wu Xiaoliang in the drama?

Huang Xiaoming:A relationship that inspires strength. Overall, Fang Jiashu was more thoughtful and thoughtful than Ye Xingcheng, and many of Ye Xingcheng’s reactions were actually within Fang Jiashu’s expectations. Xiaoliang is a good actor, and he fits the role of Ye Xingcheng very well. We also often discuss characters together.

The Beijing News: If you look back at the works you have performed now, which work or role do you think has special meaning for you?

Huang Xiaoming:The influence is quite large, and some must be chosen are the TV series “The Son of Man”, the film “Chinese Partner” and “Heroes of Fire”.

The Beijing News: I feel that you have not acted in too many times in recent years. Do you deliberately adjust the rhythm of your acting and balance the relationship between work and life?

Huang Xiaoming:Yes, the current rhythm will be slower and more stable than before.

Liu Wei, chief reporter of The Beijing News

Editor-in-Chief Wu Dongni

Proofread Zhao Lin

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