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Huang Zhiwen praises Tan Junyan as a male god Gao Haining: He exists like a god (13:45)-20211029-SHOWBIZ

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When Gao Haining, together with Tan Junyan, Huang Zhiwen, and Zhou Bohao, filmed the wireless variety show “God’s Kitchen” last night, he praised Tan Junyan for his godlike existence and looked at him differently.

She said: “Tan Junyan can describe every dish and answering difficult problems as “drip water”. A man who knows how to cook is a bonus. He is good at cooking, cherishes his wife, is humble and careful, and scores higher on the inside than on the outside. , I believe the audience will make a “Wow” when they see his performance! I choose a spouse and look for someone similar to him!”

Huang Zhiwen also pointed out that Tan Junyan is a new definition of a male god: “When he cooks, he will share the story with his wife, and I was so touched that I shouted it out. When he was cooperating with him on a drama before, he was relatively static. This time I finally saw his true personality. “

Tan Junyan, who was highly praised by the two women, was a little embarrassed. He said that he only cooked simple dishes such as salmon, chickpeas, and fried rice, but because he liked to cook, he would choose the ingredients carefully. He said: “I have cooked several times at home, and I don’t care about scores. I also cook these dishes for my wife on weekdays. I hope that everyone will be happy when I cook them. Confidence in cooking. This time I’m a bit “cat out” because I stole the teacher with Li Jiading and the third sister (Xiao Xiuxiang), but the other guests are just starting to cook. If I lose, I’ll really have to spank.”

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