Huang Zitao’s Confused Behavior Award: I’m not chasing stars, it’s a kind of love-China Entertainment Network


  China Entertainment Network News On the morning of November 21st, Huang Zitao updated his personal social account and wrote: “Hello? I’m the big star Huang Zitao. I’m on the road now. The road is slippery and the snow is heavy! I’m afraid I will be late. I need your help. WeChat transfer 600 yuan to help me change my car to the crew. Do you know what I mean? I salute you Salute!” The point is that two photos are attached to the article, one of Huang Zitao’s personal photo and the other It is a photo of Korean star IU (Li Ji Eun). Although the photos of IU were deleted later, they were still hotly discussed by netizens, and the topic #黄子韬 出IU写真后秒精选# rushed to the top of the hot search list.

This is not over yet. In the subsequent live broadcast, Huang Zitao said that he liked a foreign girl, and said, “If she promises me tomorrow, I can open it to her tomorrow, and I will marry her right away.” He also said that he had sent a private message to the other party. But the other party did not reply. It reminds people of previously deleted photos. Is this a real star fan or a public crush? Netizens were silly and unclear for a while.

The follow-up is still going on. In the middle of the night on the 21st, Huang Zitao once again responded to the tweets during the day and the heated discussions after the live broadcast, “I am not chasing stars!!! This is a kind of love, you don’t understand…Sometimes don’t reveal it. !” Emphasize that I am not chasing stars, “This is a kind of love”! Related topics #黄子韬 I’m not chasing stars, this is a kind of love # rushed to the hot search again!

In response to the results of the two hot searches, on the morning of November 22, Huang Zitao posted a paid help tweet again, which read: “Good morning, this is Huang Zitao. I ran into some troubles today. I went on two hot searches. WeChat transfer 600 Block, let those people help me keep heating up, do you know what I mean? I salute you! Salute”

Looking through various comments and discussions, I didn’t understand what it meant in the end. Is there any code word in it that needs “insiders” to understand? But what can be confirmed is that the star chaser Huang Zitao is undoubtedly, because the comments say so!



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