Huawei launches ‘Enjoy 50z’ low-end 4G phone with ‘Nova 10 SE’ on December 2nd

Chinese telecom equipment company Huawei will launch a new entry-level 4G smartphone, ‘Enjoy 50z,’ at a new product announcement event on the 2nd of next month.

According to the teaser image released by Huawei, the ‘Enjoy 50z’ is estimated to be a rebranded model of the ‘Nova Y61’ which was released in the global market at the end of October.

Huawei did not reveal details, but if the rebranded model is correct, it is expected to share key specifications with the ‘Nova Y61’, such as ▲6.52-inch HD+ display ▲Octa-core CPU ▲50MP main camera ▲5000mAh battery .

Meanwhile, Huawei will also unveil the ▲Nova 10 SE model at the event on December 2nd. In addition, new products such as ▲Huawei Watch Buzz ▲Huawei Freebuds are expected to be released together.

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