Huawei Set to Release the MatePad Pro 13.2 Tablet with Advanced Features

Huawei to Launch ‘MatePad Pro 13.2’ Tablet: Here’s What We Know

Renowned Chinese telecom equipment company, Huawei, has recently unveiled an intriguing teaser, indicating the imminent release of its latest addition to the tablet realm – the ‘MatePad Pro 13.2’. Set to hit the market on the 25th, the tablet is already garnering substantial attention.

Cutting-Edge Features

The promotional poster showcases a tantalizing glimpse into the ‘MatePad Pro’ specifications. Most prominently, the tablet boasts a remarkably immersive 13.2-inch display, accompanied by an exquisitely thin bezel further enhancing the visual experience. In an endeavor to provide top-notch convenience, Huawei also hints at incorporating the revolutionary NearLink wireless connectivity technology within this cutting-edge device.

Unleashing Unparalleled Wireless Potential

The integration of NearLink wireless connectivity technology is a game-changer in the domain of wireless connections. Outperforming traditional counterparts, this novel technology offers a myriad of enhancements, including a staggering 60% reduction in power consumption, a 6-fold increase in transfer speed, an astonishing 1/30 decrease in latency, and an impressive 10-fold increase in the number of connections.

Speculative Rumors Galore

While concrete details remain scarce, the rumor mill has been buzzing with speculations surrounding the potential inclusion of the powerful Kirin 9000s 5G chipset in the MatePad Pro 13.2 tablet. Should the rumors hold true, this unique chipset, also featured in the Mate 60 line and the Mate X5 foldable phone, would undoubtedly augment the tablet’s performance manifold.

Unveiling the Kirin 9000s 5G Chipset

Developed in-house by Huawei, the Kirin 9000s 5G chipset showcases the pinnacle of Chinese technological prowess. Manufactured meticulously by the esteemed Chinese foundry company, SMIC, utilizing the advanced 7-nanometer (nm) manufacturing process, this exceptional chipset comprises 12 cutting-edge architectures (2 + 6 + 4). Operations are skillfully executed by a CPU core capable of reaching an impressive maximum clock speed of 2.62 GHz. Though brandishing slightly lower performance than its Snapdragon 8th generation predecessor, the Kirin 9000s 5G chipset remains a force to be reckoned with.

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Chinese telecom equipment company Huawei released an official teaser and announced that it will release a ‘MatePad Pro 13.2’ tablet on the 25th.

According to the poster, the ‘Mate Pro’ features a 13.2-inch display with a very narrow bezel. Additionally, the poster hints at support for NearLink wireless connectivity technology.

Compared to existing wireless connections, this technology includes ▲60% reduction in power consumption ▲6x increase in transfer speed ▲1/30 decrease in latency ▲10x more connections.

While other details cannot be confirmed, there are also rumors that the MatePad Pro 13.2 will feature the same Kirin 9000s 5G chipset that is installed in the Mate 60 line and the Mate X5 foldable phone.

Huawei’s self-developed Kirin 9000s 5G chipset is manufactured by Chinese foundry company SMIC using a 7-nano (nm) process. It consists of 12 architectures (2 + 6 + 4), and the CPU core runs at a maximum clock speed of 2.62Ghz. Performance is known to be lower than that of the 1st generation Snapdragon 8.

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