Huawei Thailand Appoints Mr. David Li is New CEO

Huawei Thailand announces the appointment of Mr. David Li as the new CEO. leading the strengthening military and creating sustainable growth along with revealing strategies that focus on developing personnel and driving developers in Thailand

Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co, Ltd announced the appointment of “Mr. David Li” as the CEO of Huawei Technologies Thailand to lead the military to strengthen and create sustainable growth ready to reveal business strategies for the Thai market in 2023 at the event “HUAWEI Meet the Press 2023 – Episode 1”

Emphasis on driving 5G, cyber security digital industry AND ICT personnel this year, Huawei will focus on developing people and developers who are important forces driving Thailand. Especially developers specializing in “cloud” and “digital energy”, which also revealed the success of Huawei Thailand over the past few years. of jointly pushing infrastructure, 5G, cloud, digital energy and other intelligent technology ecosystems in Thailand, strengthening cyber security and elevating the potential of ICT personnel Ready to push the mission “Grow up with Thailand Continue to support Thailand ( Growing in Thailand, Contributing to Thailand)”

Mr. David Li, CEO, Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Speaking about the vision and direction of business operations in Thailand for the year 2023, “Huawei will jointly push Thailand to become the digital hub of ASEAN and drive the intelligent industry sector. starting from the development of telecommunications infrastructure In order to promote connectivity, which is a fundamental right of the Thai people and can help drive development in the social sector, Huawei will use fiber networks to connect all sectors together. and will expand the network’s coverage to remote areas

The 2023 goal is to expand fiber network coverage in rural Thailand

This year, we will focus on expanding the coverage of Thailand’s rural fiber networks and work with partners to provide affordable and quality 5G services. Support to raise cyber security awareness By sharing cyber security information and practices for 5G technology with regulatory authorities. various industrial sectors in Thailand and our customers

as well as improving the efficiency of cyber security and data protection for Thailand’s ICT infrastructure. to build credibility for the country’s cyber ecosystem in terms of data protection Huawei will help businesses and start-ups in Thailand to adopt a reliable and compliant cloud. Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) aims to raise the Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) for the country.”

He further added that it emphasizes Huawei’s aim to focus not only on business success. This year, Huawei Thailand will focus on building ICT talent in Thailand. Specifically, it aims to train up to 20,000 tech-savvy developers within three years to help drive digital transformation in the industry. Building important technological skills for Thai developers.

and help develop digital technology in Thailand By presenting certificates and building on Huawei’s various training projects, such as the Spark Ignite SME Business Incubation Project, the Social Digital Car project, which will cover 10 provinces, train students to up to 2,000 people , the Talent Talk seminar to build on digital information from different sectors, and the Seeds for the Future project which will include training. scholarship and competition among youth groups To provide Thai workers with digital skills, quality and readiness for Thailand’s future digital market.

“In addition, Huawei Thailand will also focus on developing digital energy personnel. And it plans to expand the growth of the digital energy business group to become the market leader in Thailand To help drive Thailand’s gross domestic product (GDP) higher, we believe we can help support Thailand with our technology, solutions and leading digital energy practices. With our quality team of personnel and local partners we look forward to bringing world-class technology and practices to help drive Thailand towards becoming a carbon-neutral ASEAN leader,” he said.

Dafydd also ended the success of Huawei Thailand’s business operations in those past 3 years Huawei has always been a key force in driving Thailand’s digital economy. covering the network push and application of 5G in various industrial sectors Operating 3 cloud data centers in Thailand and working with over 300 partners Implementing solutions across 10 industries in Thailand Driving digital energy to support the goal of Carbon neutrality Thailand Cybersecurity Information Sharing and participation in the development of more than 60,000 Thai ICT personnel

Mr. joined. David Li with Huawei since 2002 as a Research and Development Engineer. from the accumulation of experience in the ICT industry Combined with Huawei’s business management capabilities in multiple markets across the Asia-Pacific region. As a result, he is recognized as an experienced executive who has distinguished himself in managing local teams in the Cambodian and Indian markets, resulting in driving Huawei’s business in many countries to grow sustainably.

On the occasion of the official assumption of the position of the new CEO of Huawei Technology (Thailand) Company Limited, he will bring expertise. leadership and many decades of work experience Let’s continue the mission. “Grow up with Thailand Support Thailand” to lead Thailand towards a perfect intelligent connection. environmentally friendly and grow sustainably through the digital economy

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