Huazhichun is full of sky and the heart is full of moon

Huazhichun is full of sky and the heart is full of moon

2022 The Pinghu Li Shutong concert was held last night

Publication date: 2022-09-23 16:12

Information source: Pinghu City


Last night, the Li Shutong 2022 concert was grandly held in Pinghu City. Qi Hailong, deputy director of the Jiaxing Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, and city leaders Zhong Xudong, Wu Jinhua, He Jian, and Mao Jie attended the meeting.

Li Shutong is a cultural celebrity from Pinghu. He has studied Chinese and Western, and art colleges and subjects. He has been involved in the field of literature and modern art. Poetry, song and rhythm, gold and stone seal carving, calligraphy, and Danqing’s literature and drama have long been known as talents. A pioneer of enlightenment, Li Shutong has made an indelible contribution to music. There are words he filled beautifully and full of charm, and there are tones he composed beautifully and movingly, fresh and smooth, and are widely loved by the world.

The concert began with a clear, ethereal and melodic orchestral piece “Poems and Paintings of Zhejiang”. After that, Mr. Li Shutong’s representative masterpieces were staged one by one in three episodes, “Wai Si·Fragrant Grass”, “Sense of Time·Four Seasons Songs”, and “Forgetting Dust·Old Dreams”. In the work “Dream”, the audience realized Mr Shutong’s true love for his mother, and in “Spring Outing”, “Early Autumn”, “Winter” and other works, they experienced the four seasons in the eyes of Mr Shutong In works like Zhou Nandu”, I feel the deep and strong feelings of Mr. Shutong’s family and country… The lyrics and songs show Mr. Li Shutong’s unique musical achievements and the enduring charm of Shutong culture.

This concert, presented by the Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra, is based on Li Shutong’s theme music, and presents the legacy and innovation of Li Shutong’s musical style by integrating Li Shutong’s music with the development of contemporary music under the brilliant performance of the Symphony Orchestra, Mr Li Shutong’s performance The musical works are more shocking to the soul, presenting a wonderful audiovisual feast to the audience in Pinghu.

“Outside the pavilion, near the ancient road, the grass is green…” At the end, Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra and Pinghu Li Shutong Music and Art Research Society performed the classical work “Farewell” by Mr. Shutong together. The concert ended with a familiar tune and a charming tune. Life is like poetry, years are like songs, together with Mr. Li Shutong’s musical works, Mr. Shutong’s spirit is like the bright moon shining on thousands of miles, nurturing the people of Pinghu to be peaceful, brave and diligent.

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