Huh Yi-jae, married actor exposing → confession of heart “no intention of attack… Please refrain from witch-hunting” (Comprehensive)


Actor Heo Yi-jae revealed that he was abused by a married actor in the past.

On the 10th, on the YouTube channel ‘Wayland,’ a video titled ‘The story of an all-time drama set by an actress was uploaded.

Heo Yi-jae, who appeared in the video, even wants to appear on the show. If Mr. A says he is a married man, his family may be ruined. That married actor was the decisive moment for my retirement.”

Heo Yi-jae was a partner in the work, but he did a great job at first. Then one day, he said, ‘Why don’t you contact your oppa on your days off?’ He said at the time when I was innocent, ‘Oppa, we see each other every day and we watch 20 hours a day, but we don’t have time to contact him. Then Mr. A said, ‘I know, but are you pretending not to know? I really don’t know, so I went without saying anything with a look like this.”

Then it started slowly. At the filming set, I was like, ‘Hey, this X-like X. Hey XXX, it’s like this every day. He is still active today.” He said, “I was filming a set one day, and I was not included in the scene. (Mr. A) was annoyed because he couldn’t capture his emotions properly. He got up from his seat and left. The director was director Ibbong, so he couldn’t do anything and that person was the king. When the atmosphere on the set was messed up, the director called me separately. ‘He was looking at you sexually, but because you didn’t fall, he told me why he was trying to knock you down, even if it was terrifying or coercive.”

Heo Yi-jae went into his waiting room one day and revealed that he was asked to have sex with me, saying, ‘People say that you and I are not the same as lovers after watching our drama.

Again, I was so surprised that I stood still and asked, ‘Do you not want to do that? Then he said, ‘So, this X-like X, do well. Because of you, I can’t concentrate on acting. Before that, I did my best to act, but after that happened, my mentality went out and I let go of myself a little bit.” No one helped me, so I only prayed for the (drama) to end.”

Huh Yi-jae’s exposure photo = Capture of YouTube channel ‘Wayland’

When the video became controversial, Heo Yi-jae read through the comments with fear, but as I read it, I was rather healed. Thank you very much. Everyone, for a long time, the event that led to my retirement was a traumatic experience for me, and it was painful every time I thought of it. told

Then, obviously, there must have been my shortcomings at the time. However, I am proud that I have never done anything disrespectful as a junior. However, please refrain from witch-hunting because it is not intended to be made to sniper and attack someone.”

Meanwhile, Heo Yi-jae debuted in the 2003 KBS2 drama ‘Rounding.

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