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Human Rights Commissioner “Lee Jae-myung’s brother forcibly hospitalized, abused his brother-in-law, there is a possibility of human rights violations”

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Enter 2021-10-27 16:43 | Edited 2021-10-27 17:05

▲ National Human Rights Commissioner Song Doo-hwan. ⓒ Reporter Lee Jong-hyun

Regarding the history of free defense of Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung by Song Doo-hwan, chairman of the National Human Rights Commission of Korea, on the 27th, he drew a line that there was a request from Lee, but there was no personal acquaintance.

On the day of the National Human Rights Committee audit conducted by the National Human Rights Committee of the National Assembly Steering Committee, Chairman Song answered questions such as ‘Who did you receive the request for free pleading’ and ‘Are you close with Candidate Lee Jae-myung?’ It was the first time in my life that I had a phone call at that time,” he said.

Chairman Song added, “Although the stage of his activities was a little different, I was aware of the fact that candidate Lee was a member of the Lawyers for a Democratic Society (Minbyun) in the Seongnam area.”

“There is no objection to having any doubts”

When asked, ‘Did he accept (arguing) with trust because he was a public figure, but he was a public figure (at the time) and he was a trustworthy public official as the governor of Gyeonggi,’ Chairman Song said, “I thought that being a junior member of Minbyun was more important than that. ‘ he replied.

Rep. Lee Young pointed out that ‘free pleading in the case trial is highly susceptible to improper solicitation’, “If you think that way, we respect that part.” I’m just making a point,” he explained.

Chairman Song said, “There was no personal acquaintance, contact, or exchange. I don’t think the expression of close friends is appropriate.” no,” he said.

Chairman Song participated as an attorney for the appellate trial in 2019 when candidate Lee (the governor of Gyeonggi Province) violated the election law in 2019, and the possibility of violating the Solicitation and Graft Act was raised because he did not receive a commission. In a response to the personnel hearing submitted to the National Assembly in August, Chairman Song said, “There is no contract or fact that a commission has been received in relation to the case.”

Governor Lee was sentenced to a fine of 3 million won in the second trial, invalidating the election, on charges of publicizing false facts in a TV debate in relation to the case of ‘forced admission to a psychiatric hospital’ in the course of the June 13 local elections. After a court battle, he was acquitted at the remandatory trial in October last year.

However, Jeon Hyun-hee, chair of the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission, attended the general audit of the National Assembly’s Political Affairs Committee on the 20th and said, “You can argue for free with people very close to you, such as acquaintances or friends.”

People’s Strength Rep. Yoo Sang-beom pointed out that Chairman Song submitted a reason for appeal twice at the time of Lee’s trial and pointed out the possibility of false answers to the personnel hearing and violation of the Solicitation and Graft Act. Earlier, in an answer to the personnel hearing submitted to the National Assembly, Chairman Song said, “The candidate himself partially participated in the review of the supplementary grounds for appeal.”

In this regard, Chairman Song said, “The reason for appeal is almost like a petition. It is a situation that I do not know whether it was paid or not,” he explained. Regarding the false answer to the personnel hearing, he replied, “The supplementary letter of the reasons for appeal that I was talking about is the letter of reason for appeal.

The ruling party immediately began to defend itself. Kim Byeong-ju, a member of the Democratic Party, said, “As a member of the Minbyun, I signed the letter of reason for the appeal because I saw it as a petition against Lee Jae-myung, a member of the Minbyun.

“Lee Jae-myeong abusive language, possessing human rights violation”

Chairman Song also embarrassed Democratic lawmakers by stating that Lee’s brother’s forced admission to a psychiatric hospital on the same day could be a human rights violation.

When Song Il-jong, a member of the People’s Strength Council, asked if he thought there was a human rights violation, referring to the controversy that Candidate Lee forcibly hospitalized his older brother Lee Jae-sun and abused his brother-in-law when he was mayor of Seongnam, ” “Based on the facts, I don’t think anyone will object to the fact that there is a potential for human rights violations, and that it falls within that category.”

However, Chairman Song added, “At this point, whether I can express an opinion that evaluates whether or not it is a human rights violation in this regard is actually a different issue.”

Rep. Lee Su-jin, a member of the Democratic Party, said, “This is not a place to answer vaguely. Do you know the facts accurately? ‘ he raised his voice.

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