Hunan Xuguang Expressway 10 minutes 5 car accident involving 49 vehicles, 16 dead and 66 injured

Xu (Chang) Guangzhou (Zhou) Expressway headed north near Wangcheng toll station in Changxiang section of Hunan Province Five traffic accidents occurred within about 10 minutes at 5:00 pm the day before yesterday, involving 49 vehicles, by resulted in 16 deaths and 66 injuries, of which 8 The person was seriously injured. From the clips circulating on the Internet, it can be seen that many private cars have been severely deformed by the collision of large trucks, and even “overlapping vehicles”. Call for a fire extinguisher (picture 2). An injured person said there was light rain at the time of the incident. After the vehicle was hit, he crawled out reluctantly, and then dragged the children and relatives out. After the 7 people in the vehicle escaped successfully , the vehicle exploded and “We were driving a (Toyota) Highlander (Highlander off-road vehicle), our car is still, if we drive a small car, we will die.”

The road section at the scene of the accident was cleared yesterday afternoon and traffic resumed. The Hunan Provincial Transport Department yesterday emphasized the need to learn the lessons of this accident deeply, and do a good job in predicting and early warning of extreme weather such as low temperature rain, snow, freezing fog, etc., emergency protection, and monitoring and dispose of public opinion.

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