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Hundreds of anchors detonate online carnival Douyu (DOYU.US) “2020 Fish Festival” big show content ecology_ 东方 Fortune.com

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Original title: Hundreds of anchors detonate online carnival, Douyu (DOYU.US) “2020 Fish Music Festival” big show content ecology

On the evening of January 16, byFighting fish“2020 Fish Music Festival·Fighting fish“Annual Awards Ceremony” in Shanghai Mercedes-BenzcultureThe center ended successfully. Under the auspices of Li Hao and Yu Shuang, hundreds of award-winning anchors took home their glory trophies. Popular anchors A Leng, Zhou Shuyi, Xiao Shen Shen’er, Little Sophie, Zhao Xiaochou, Commentary Doll, Zhong Yanan, Yao Shunyu, etc. Presented wonderful dances and songs, accompanied the hundreds of millions of friends in the live broadcast room to spend this unforgettable night.

  Hundreds of anchors detonate online carnival

As the most grand annual carnival in the live broadcast industry, the Fish Music Festival has always been called the “Oscar Award Ceremony” of the live broadcast session, gathering games, entertainment, outdoor, and positive energy.PartitionOf hundreds of popular anchors.

Keep inFighting fishThe water friends who watched the live broadcast in the official live broadcast room No. 6 couldn’t contain their excitement and joy from the red carpet link. Whenever their favorite anchor appeared in the live broadcast room, they did not hesitate to brush up the barrage and gifts. .

datastatistics, During the Yule Festival, Douyu’s official live broadcast room No. 6 had the highest popularity exceeding 20 million.

Witnessed by hundreds of millions of water friends, Douyu awarded the top ten anchors of 2020, the top ten stars of the year, the game ace anchor of the year, the best regional anchor of the year, the best game guild of the year, the best entertainment guild of the year, etc. More than 100 blockbuster awards.

During the awards period, popular anchors such as A Leng, Zhou Shuyi, Xiao Shen Shen’er, Little Sophie, Zhao Xiaochou, Commentary Doll, Zhong Yanan, Yao Shunyu and other popular anchors not only presented wonderful performances for the audience, but also drew out for the water friends Great prizes.

The performance of each anchor will detonate the barrage of the live broadcast room. The opening song “I love you so much” by the beauty anchor A Leng made all the audience intoxicated, and the dance performance “A Little Sweet” by the game anchor Zhou Shuyi attracted water friends to call “the cutest in the world”, and Yao Shunyu was full of affection. The performance of “Backlight” inspires all the anchors and audience watching the festival.

Along with singing and dancing, the top ten anchors of 2020 will also be announced one after another. In the end, White Shark AyoM won the championship of the top ten top anchors of the year. Rain God and Beijing Xiao Wang won the runner-up and third runner-up respectively. My family Nazi, Hiwanyi Hiroshima Love, Xu Xu, Xiao Shen Shen Er, yyfyyf Along with other anchors such as Lin Cute, they reached the top ten top anchors list.

“Thanks to the Douyu platform. This is a very good platform for the anchor. I have grown a lot here and won a lot. The most important thing is to thank all the brothers who watched my live broadcast. I love you.”, Bai Shark AyoM said when accepting the award. This is also the voice of all Betta anchors.

  comprehensiveBuild a high-quality content ecosystem

It is not difficult to find that the top two white sharks AyoM and Rain God among the top ten anchors of the year are both game anchors, and the two classic terminal games, “Crossing the Line of Fire” and “Legend”, have been in operation for over ten years.

This aspect is attributed to Douyu’s entry into the star and the teamSign up, Variety show planning, event copyright,user experienceThe diversified content matrix is ​​formed by the heavy investment in many other aspects; on the other hand, it relies on the platform to use barrage, fish bar, etc.interactiveChannels, to create a diversified community centered on e-sports.

In the past year, Douyu and the top 100 anchors have completed five yearscontractThe change of the contract, which realizes the deep binding of the head anchor and the platform; invites popular idols such as Cheng Xiao and Wu Xuanyi to live on the platform, bringing a new live broadcast experience to the audience; signing with 50+ teams such as TES, JDG, DWG, and Popular players such as Jackeylove, Doinb, and Faker provide fans with mutualmotivationWill; live broadcast official events such as the League of Legends Global Finals, the Glory of the Kings World Championship and other official events and fighting fishgoldGrand Prix S10, Fighting Fish Wilderness Rising Stars and other self-made events, and “It’s Dinner!” Pan-entertainment content such as “S10”, “Truth Research Institute”, and “Explaining the New Forces” to meet the diverse content of water friendsdemand

With strong social attributes and diversified content, Douyu has become a warm “e-sports home”, allowing more players to have a sense of belonging to Douyu.

In addition to game anchors, Douyu continues to work on outdoor, entertainment, two-dimensional and other fields, not only consolidating the lineup of head anchors, but also constantly improving the excavation and training of waist anchors on the platform.

This year’s Yule Festival, in addition to the top ten top anchors such as Beijing Xiaowangge, My Family Nazi, Hiwanyi Hiroshima Love, etc., there are also potential mid-waist anchors such as Yu Ziling, February Super Ness, Meng Qi Ah, etc. On the podium.

Thanks to the “Star” launched by DouyuSupportPlan”, more potential mid-waist anchors have a betterPromotionthe road. This not only ensures the platform’s output on high-quality content, but also greatly improves the diversity of platform content.

Nowadays, the Yule Festival is not only a large-scale gathering for anchors and water friends, but also an excellent opportunity for Douyu to show the strength of the platform anchors.Rely onborrowThe platform’s anchor lineup and content ecology, Douyu in the third quarter of 2020active userReached 194 million, and the monthly active users of the mobile terminal reached 59.6 million.

In the future, Douyu will also cooperate sincerely with platform anchors to explore more different content elements and interactive modes, create more high-quality live content for the majority of water lovers, and meet the diverse needs of audiences.

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