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Hundreds of cases of pneumonia Dread back Songkran stuck in the workplace harder than a pub – fresh news

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New waves of pneumonia, hundreds of cases Endotracheal tubes more than the Samut Sakhon episode Reiterating the establishment of screening people returning from Songkran Dreaded infection at work It is heavier than a cluster of pub bars.

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On 17 April, Dr. Jakrath Pittayawong-anon, MD. Director of the Epidemiology Division, Department of Disease Control (Kor.) Said the COVID outbreak in Thailand is quite worrisome. There is a rapid increase in infected people. Because it is an English breed And found that a large number of symptoms of pneumonia. Even without symptoms Therefore, information and medical conditions must be closely monitored. Currently, there are 21 more endotracheal intubation cases than in Samut Sakhon, where there were not too many endotracheal intubation patients, and there are also hundreds of cases of pneumonia.

Dr. Jakrath said that at present, there are people who know they are infected. Or people waiting for lab results But still traveled to other provinces Causing the control of the outbreak to be a problem This is the wrong principle. It is not responsible for yourself and society, such as the case of couples traveling to Nakhon Si Thammarat. And the case in Krabi, etc., where the outbreak is now spread to every province Some people may be infected without knowing it. Because while people are on their way back from Songkran Especially traveling by public buses It is therefore quite worrying that the infection will be brought back to people in the household or room, the community and the workmates.

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“Diffusion in various factory establishments will create a situation similar to that of Samutsakorn before. Will be a very big deal Rather than an outbreak from entertainment venues, the need for cooperation of people to control the situation first. Now that the infection has begun to be found in the Bang Phli School district. Who are concerned because infections in children rarely have symptoms Difficulty controlling the close proximity and self-defense of the child Which started the outbreak in early April as a working-age group of students, but now starting to see it in elementary school children Secondary education That has not been seen much is the elderly But if the outbreak in children is poorly controlled, the infection will also start in the elderly, ”said Dr. Jakrath.

Dr. Jakrath said that Things to ask for the establishment Various departments are preparing measures to support employees returning to work, fever measurement, information preparation and organization that must coordinate if infected persons are found in the organization. Even if the details of general waste disposal, infectious waste, please separate them carefully. In addition, measures must be taken to reduce the number of workers. Reduce incorporation in the workplace Do not eat together. Focus on online meetings. If you find someone infected in the organization, don’t panic. To coordinate the relevant departments according to the numbers you have already listed Inform the Department of Disease Control within 3 hours, close the department for 1-3 days for cleaning and disinfection, which can consult the staff.

The most needed thing is to get the most work from home, or 10-50%, based on importance. Initial employee screening Especially those returning from the provinces that they have been in close contact with infected people or not. Going to a risky area? Going to crowded areas? If there are any of these risks, ask at least 14 days of work-from-home orders for organizations with fewer than 50 employees, especially those that involve store service. Foods should have employees returning from other provinces to quarantine themselves in their accommodations for 14 days as there is now a nationwide infection. Some people may be infected without knowing it. If taken, we do not know. Then come to work in the service, there may be more widespread problems spreading Especially from Chiang Mai, Phuket, Nakhon Ratchasima, Khon Kaen, Sa Kaeo and Prachuap Khiri Khan provinces. That has spread as a large cluster

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“I emphasize that the detention Or working at home The goal is to separate yourself from others. Therefore, it must be in your own home or room. Not that going out to a convenience store Or go out to work at a coffee shop If so, it is not the purpose that we want to work at home. Because there are still many people out there, ”said Chakrat, MD, and now there are more than 50 reports of COVID-infected medical personnel, both from their personal lives. Exposure from infected personnel And infected by caring for the sick Most of the sick people who come to be examined now clearly state that they are at risk. Making personnel be careful But still have patients with other diseases Therefore, to conceal or lie to the timeline May not have an effect here But it will affect the investigation of the disease in the community. Therefore, it should not be concealed. Or lying to information The disease investigation team personnel are still sufficient.

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