hurry! AMLO freezes the account of “Kim Phornprapha’s” mother, found to be using “IP address” along with “Ping Pong”, selling MORE shares

reporter report book referenceAnti-Money Laundering Office or AMLO send to various Associated securities companies with the content indicating the connection of a group of persons involved in the trading of the Company’s securities return more Public Company Limited or MORE in an unusual way on 10 November 2022

According to the examination, it was found that Orapin Phonprapha Mrs which is mother Ekaphat Phonprapha Mr or “Hi Kim” aAthiphat Phonprapha Mr A “sell” order has been sent. MORE From the computer’s serial number or the IP Address in the same place as Mr Apimuk Bumrungwong or “ping pong”

for property count Orapin Mrs The seizure is money or securities that have been continuously purchased from the proceeds of the sale of MORE or MORE -R shares on November 10, 2022 under the supervision of Innost X Securities Co., Ltd. (INVX). Nov ’22

by the way Mrs. Orapin Phonprapha is the wife of Annop Phonprapha, Dr Pioneer and co-founder of AP Honda Co., Ltd., distributor of Honda motorcycles in Thailand. and my motherEkapat Phonprapha Mr aAthiphat Phonprapha Mr

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