hurry! Myanmar troops fire and clash with KNU-DKBA Karen in front of the Mai Tud checkpoint near the Thai border.

Kanchanaburi – hurry! Myanmar soldiers fire against KNU-DKBA Karen in Ban Phaya Taung Soo. In front of the wooden check point next to Kanchanaburi Immigration, the officers are guarding intensively. Still don’t know if there is injury or death

The reporter said that there was a heavy clash between Myanmar troops around 10:00 pm today (31 January). with ethnic Karen KNU and Karen DKBA Where the shooting happened in Myanmar’s Phaya Tong Su District Close to the wooden checkpoint used to cross the border, next to Kanchanaburi immigration, where gunshots from the conflict can be clearly heard in arrived at the Thai side.

By the shooting incident Thai officials had to step back from the Mai Dod border checkpoint. With both sides firing at each other for about 10 minutes, the gunfire subsided.

It was initially unknown if there were any deaths or injuries. But it is expected that the bullet will definitely fall on the Thai side. By now, Thai officials have monitored the situation closely together with giving publicity to Thai people to stay at home If there is progress, further reports will be made.

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