Hurry state welfare card, poor people’s card, old model, 13 million people, to use it before the deadline of March 31.

State welfare card, poor people’s card, old model, number 13 million, hurry to use it before the end of March 31, 2023, along with revealing which money you can still withdraw cash.

News reports from the Ministry of Finance indicate that March 31, 2023 is the last day to use the state welfare patent, the old version of the poor card, which covers more than 13 million people who met the criteria registration in 2017 or 2018, but those who hold an old poor people’s card And have passed the eligibility criteria for the state welfare card 2023, a new round of poor people’s cards, can use a new round of rights through a card identification card smart

The state welfare patent 2023 will be effective from April 1, 2023 onwards, where the government has increased the amount of money in some pockets. And the Accounting Department is ready to set a welfare limit for those eligible to spend via smart card ID cards.

For holders of state welfare cards, cards of poor old people, a total of 13.1 million people, they are currently eligible for welfare benefits that can be spent until March 31, 2023 as follows:

  • The purchase limit is 200-300 baht per month.
  • Discount on the purchase of cooking gas 45 baht per 3 months (Jan-Mar. ’23)
  • Travel costs include bus fare 500 baht per month.
  • The train fare is 500 baht per month.
  • Fares for BMTA and electric trains are 500 baht per month for state welfare card holders living in and around Bangkok.

Regarding the additional disability allowance of 200 baht received through the state welfare card, Channel E-Money for March 2023, if the money has not been withdrawn. can still withdraw money through the state welfare card, poor people’s card according to the time specified by the Ministry of Finance. Regarding the subsidy for 100 baht for water and 315 baht for electricity, billing cycle in March 2023, money will be transferred to the current welfare card of the state through the e-money channel as well and can withdraw money through the card. specified by the Ministry of Finance