Hurry to order before it’s gone! Tomorrow, the Bank of Thailand will release a home loan at an interest of 1.69% per annum.

Hurry to order before it’s gone! Tomorrow, GH Bank will release home loans at an interest of 1.69% per annum, high interest savings of 2% per annum at the 2nd Diversity Home Virtual Fair.

Government Housing Bank (GHB) To celebrate its 69th birthday, it organized the Variety Homes Virtual Fair : the 2nd online housing and finance exhibition by the Bank of Thailand. From 21 September, 2022 at 10:00 am

Find special promotions only available at this event. Special interest rate home loan, continue on 1 year 1, equal to MRR-4.46% (currently equal to 1.69%) per annum, the average interest rate for the first 3 years is only 2.35% . Loan for the purchase of a house in purchase -sale price of no more than 3 million baht And there is also a very low interest rate loan in the Golden Minute period, high interest rate savings of 2.00% per year, with the Golden Record period, receive special interest rate only in this event, second-hand homes, Bank of Thailand, the price does not exceed 3 million baht. More than 4,000 items nationwide Up to 50% discount and direct home The sale price is not more than 3 million baht from over 100 real estate developers nationwide with many discounts and freebies.

However, the amount of credits and deposits in the event is limited. You can book in advance before it sells out!! Diversity Homes Virtual Fair: The 2nd GH Bank online housing and finance fair will be held during September 21-25, 2022. For more information, contact the GH Bank Call Center at 0-2645-9000, Government Housing Bank Facebook Fanpage or follow Bank news and information at and Application: GHB PAWB

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