“Husband of the night” Synopsis for episodes 7-9 Checking the strong trend “Euro-Pink Ploy”, the most in-depth girlfriend

Channel 7 drama “Husband of the Night” Synopsis for episodes 7-9 Checking the strong trend “Euro-Pink Ploy”, the best girlfriend

“Night Husband” that now makes the fans of the drama in and enjoy with the beauty of the queen Euro-Yosawad Thawapi and Pink Ploy-Paphawadee Chansomon until a new pair of twins are born That the chemistry is the most compatible. Last week, it received a response in the social world, never stopping.

euro open up that “I’m really happy. I want to thank all the fans very much for being immersed in my work this time. is not just following also shake hands with Pink Ploy’s fans The promotion of the drama on a tuk-tuk is very cute. I don’t know what to say In addition to saying thank you very much because of all the intentions that have been made to me. And the Pink Ploy I received and was very happy. and Jin together I’m glad the response is so good. Pink Ploy is a very nice person. a person who intends to work Now I want everyone to follow Husband of the Night, every episode because the story gets more intense, my character Ksa is starting to shake now with the closeness of Khun Chonphonsa (Pinkploy Paphawadee) having a scene for everyone. the winner Let everyone continue to enjoy for sure.”

side Pink Ploy Revealing feelings that “Thank you very much to all the fans. I’m really happy for the response of this drama. In addition to the fans enjoying the drama, the fans also have surprises to help promote it. which he intends to do a lot and every comment everything that happened I’m really rooting for Pink Ploy Euro, all the actors and the staff. I admit that at first we were quite worried as well because the character Chonphonsa was different from every character that Pink Ploy used to play. playing the role of a single mother is something that is very far away from us We used to worry if we could pass it on.

When working, we do a lot of homework. and P’Tel (Tawan Jaruchinda), the organizer and director, advised us to have a workshop with Nong Lukmon. (Dr. Nithinan Poolsawat) who plays the role of Prune, our child in the previous story as well make us close to the younger And the younger brother is good too. make everything very smooth As for working with Euro It’s something that we’re very comfortable with.

“Euro is a very powerful person (laughs) he will be the color of the squad. Throughout his work, he always made everyone smile. When they were on the set together, they were very determined. We are comfortable and have fun working together. Pink Ploy wants everyone to follow the drama. Husband of the night Besides the fun Pink Ploy sees that the drama also reflects the story of life. such as the Pink Ploy character who plays a single mom Being a single mom is not easy. The characters give us a clear view of the strength, patience, and love that a mother conveys. Let’s follow together.”

The scene of the drama “Husband of the Night” “Pink Ploy” checks the bill “Praew-Phaprae” Uum

Fans of the drama “Husband of the Night” are expected to expect when Chonlaphansa or Pink Ploy-Paphawadee Chansamon will fight with his people. This week, the talented director Tall-Tawan Jaruchinda arranged for the request.

When Chonlaphansa (Pinkploy-Paphawadee) decides to quit and become a waiter at a restaurant because of the pressure she can’t stand. that she and her child were threatened to kill, but Maneesuda (Praew-Chemawee Suwanpanuchok) and Sin (Prae-Thanya Manolikul) are also followed by harassing and insulting and splashing water on Chonphonsa’s face in the middle of the restaurant. Chonlapansa is unbearable, so he fights to take back Mani Suda and Sin.

Behind the scenes of filming this scene, Little Brother Came to rehearse the queue for the three girls before filming, still secretly teasing “Pink Ploy, it’s time to get it back” This scene, although it’s a fight, but has a bit of comedy. Plus all three girls must be wet and messed up. Because P’Tel let Pink Ploy get splashed with a satin cloth on his face. before returning the gauze and gleaming cloth by grabbing both of them, pouring food and water over their heads It’s not enough to give another slap to each person. It’s called taking it back, but it has to be the end Rehearse the queue dry until it’s perfect and start shooting for real. P’Tel ordered the camera and everyone was wearing it. show full spirit Who will be the real winner in this event! Must watch. Follow and watch this scene in full in the drama “Husband of the Night” on Friday, January 28, and you can watch the fun every night on Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 8:30 p.m. on Channel 7HD, press 35.

drama synopsis night husband section 7

Friday 28 January 2565 time 20.30 N.

Manesuda (Praew-Chemawee) come see Chayut (Bom-Pongsakorn) hug with Chonlapansa (Pink Ploy-Paphawadee) and said that the wedding between him and her was just business. Manesuda is angry with Chayut and angry with Chonlaphansa. Chayut then agrees with Maneesuda that they will continue to be a fiancee for the sake of their business. At the same time, Chayut tries to score points to please Chonphonsa and Prune (young mulberry-Dr. Nithinan) but Chalerm (Nong-Thanongsak) Dissatisfied that he sent people to threaten Chonphonsa to sign a resignation letter and not to mess with Chayut again. skill (Euro – Yosawad) Come and help in time and declare in front of everyone that he will protect Chonphonsa.

drama synopsis night husband section 8

Saturday 29 January 2565 time 20.30 N.

Thas (Fifa-Premon infinite) Come and drink until you’re drunk with Chonlapansa (Pink Ploy-Paphawadee) because I secretly saw Sirin (Kikkik-Kachakorn) have a secret relationship with Thanakorn (Jim-Jay Jintrai) skill (Euro – Yosawad) Jealousy, so Chonla Phansa brought him to sleep at the condo. Urai (Frog-Paphasara) came to find fault, but found skill in bed with Chonlapansa So Kasa took the opportunity to tie the hand of a fist fight for Chonphonsa to bring the children to move in together at the condo. Ready to promise to take care of safety, but Chayut (Bom-Pongsakorn) Do not believe that the two are really dating and mocking that this time he will conquer Chonpatsa’s heart like he had conquered his heart. Manesuda (Praew-Chemawee) side Kobkul (Tong-Savitree) meet Prune (young mulberry-Dr. Nithinan) At school, I’m impressed with how cute it is, so I will give scholarships. But when I found out that it was Chonlapansa’s child, he canceled the prune capital, very sad. So Kasa took the two mothers and sons on a trip. The three of them felt like they had been filled with family.

drama synopsis night husband section 9

Sunday 30 January 2565 time 20.30 N.

Kobkul (Tong-Savitree) with Manesuda (Praew-Chemawee) slander Chonlapansa (Pink Ploy-Paphawadee) that embezzlement money for a wedding dress and ordered Chonlaphansa to bow down and apologize to Manisuda Chayut (Bom-Pongsakorn) Realizing that he himself was the cause of all the chaos. So decided to come back with Mani Suda and postpone the wedding faster. Kacha (Than-Than Sun) I remember that Chonlaphan was a woman 6 years ago. Chai (Toi Wanchai) I know about Chonphonsa going to live in a condo with skill (Euro – Yosawad) So follow him home Cacha can’t bear pity on Chonlapansa. So told the truth about 6 years ago that Chonlapansa was the woman who stayed with Chayut that night, andhe is the father of Prune (young mulberry-Dr. Nithinan) Kobkul with Chalerm (Nong-Thanongsak) therefore check DNA and will bring the prunes to feed themselves Chonlapansa had to take the prunes away.



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