Husband won 1st prize Transfer money to wife’s account. In shock, his wife fled with another man, and recently, he had already paid 2 million.

The husband won the 1st prize, he transferred money to the account of his wife, who had been living together for 26 years until they had 3 children. In shock, the woman ran away with another man. Recently, 2 million was paid.

(November 17, 2022) A 49-year-old man reported to the police, Thawatchaburi Police Station, Roi Et Province, that he was 45 years old from his wife, lived together for 26 years, stole 2 million baht and fled with another one man.

A 49-year-old man said he won the lottery on November 1, 2022 and traveled with his wife and 3 children to collect money at the lottery office. After tax deduction, a transfer of 5,970,000 baht was received into the account, which was transferred to the account of the registered wife. After returning home, his wife had money transferred to his account of 1 million baht to use to make merit.

Later, his wife asked for 200,000 baht, so he gave it away. He saw a man appear at the event. His wife said he was a relative who also came to make merit. So he did not suspect until 3 days ago, the woman disappeared with the man. He tried to call And after receiving an answer he went on business in Nong Khai Province, returning soon

Until someone came and said His wife’s behavior of running away with an adulterer was suspected. Then the son called to scold the mother. why is it not right and he said he knows the fact that the mentioned man has known each other for a long time Not that they just appeared for 3 days and then ran away together. Made his wife turn off her phone and run away.

Recently, today he checked the money in his bank account. It was found that 2,000,000 baht had been withdrawn, so the bank was consulted so that it should hurry to report. bring evidence to present to freeze the bank account But the police said they couldn’t do it. because of the wife’s personal account The police can only recommend negotiating terms with Dee Dee’s wife. that he did not know what to do because now the woman switches off the mobile phone