Hutech signs official sponsorship for K-League 2022 season

Hutech Industries announced on the 24th that it had signed an official sponsorship agreement with the K-League for the 2022 season.

Hutech announced that the sponsorship was conducted to promote the brand philosophy through collaboration with the sports industry, where effective rest for physical condition is important. In the future, we plan to carry out sponsorship-linked marketing to deliver the meaning and value of rest to soccer fans who love soccer.

Hutech newly established ‘Hutech Massage Chair Performance Award of the Month’ and selected 6 winners from May to October this season and provided Hutech’s flagship massage chair Kai as a prize.

Suwon FC’s Lee Seung-woo will be selected as the first winner, and an awards ceremony and commemorative photo will be held at Suwon FC’s 18th round home match to be held on the 25th. Lee Seung-woo, who joined Suwon FC ahead of this season, is showing off his unique play and performance.

Kai GTS7 Art Motion, which is provided as an injury, provides a differentiated massage feeling based on Hutech’s unique technology Hutech Body Leveling Massage System (HBLS), Air 3D Art Motion, and Sonic Vibration Massage System. It maximizes the massage effect by effectively delivering sound waves to the depths of the muscles.

Hutech plans to conduct a direct interview with Seungwoo Lee in the future and produce content containing questions and answers from fans.

Shin Jung-woo, Marketing Team Manager at Hutech said, “The happiness and bright energy I feel while watching a soccer game are in line with the high-quality rest that inspires the life that Hutech is aiming for. “He said.

By Jeong Da-eun, staff reporter


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