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Hwang Hee-chan “I’m 2nd in appearance in Wolverhampton… Traore has a nice body” – SPOTVNEWS

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▲ Hwang Hee-chan answering fans’ questions ⓒ Wolverhampton official YouTube capture

[스포티비뉴스=김건일 기자] Hwang Hee-chan (25), who emerged as Wolverhampton’s ‘bump’, said that the English Premier League was a dream stage and selected Cristiano Ronaldo and Virgil Pandike as players he would like to face.

On the 29th (Korean time), in a question-and-answer video with fans released by Wolverhampton, Hwang Hee-chan answered the question of whether there is a player he would like to join after coming to the Premier League.

Hwang Hee-chan said, “I’ve been dreaming of a big stage in the Premier League since I was young. So it’s a happy and happy moment just to play.” I want to run once and have a good experience.”

Hwang Hee-chan played against Liverpool in the 2018-19 UEFA Champions League group stage during his time in Salzburg, Austria.

He beat the big and scored. The scene where Pan Dyke, who was considered the best defender in the world at the time, was deceived by Hwang Hee-chan’s painting, lost his balance and fell, became a hot topic around the world.

On December 5th, Liverpool are expected to play a rematch against Pan Dijk at the Molinew Stadium. The match against Manchester United, where Ronaldo is playing, will take place on 2 January next year at Old Trafford.

Hwang Hee-chan sincerely answered various questions sent by Korean and British fans.

When asked about the appearance ranking of the Wolverhampton team, “Romance is definitely not,” Hubin Neves said first… The second will be me. There is no player that I can think of.”

When asked which team he liked growing up, he answered, “I learned soccer from the Pohang Steelers youth team since middle school. I am still grateful to Pohang and I still watch and support the game.”

Also, when asked if he was afraid of Adama Traore when we first met, he said, “Actually, there are Korean players who are close to Traore, so I talked to them, and I heard that they have a very good personality and are good friends.

Hwang Hee-chan scored his fourth league goal in the match against Leeds United on the 23rd and is leading the team in the top scorer. Locally, Wolverhampton’s other players’ field goals must be added to match Hwang Hee-chan’s performance.

When asked about the goal at Wolverhampton, Hwang Hee-chan said, “I don’t have a personal goal. Because our team needs goals and wins, I want to play a good game that can reward the fans with a win.”

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