Hwang Yeong-woong of ‘Bult’, cumulative 1st place in public vote → 2nd place Min Soo-hyun… 3rd place Shin Sung

picture explanation‘Burning Trotman’. MBN broadcast screen capture photo

‘Burning Trotman’ Hwang Young-woong came first in the vote of cumulative support.

In the MBN audition program ‘Burning Trotman’, which was broadcast on the 31st, the results of the public support poll were revealed before the dinner show that was on fire.

10th place on this day was Jonghyuk Jeon, 9th place Merit, 8th place Han Kang, 7th place Son Taejin, 6th place Nam Seungmin, 5th place Enoch, 4th place Park Minsu, 3rd place Shin Sung, 2nd place Min Suhyeon, and 1st placed Hwang Young-woong.

For the TOP7 who advance to the finals, the number of cheering votes collected during the competition is turned into a cash prize and supported as a special cheering award.

On the other hand, MBN’s entertainment program ‘Burning Trotman’ is a wonderful and heartwarming episode never seen anywhere else! Once again, the Korean trot table is reversed. It’s a completely new resolution trot program that will set your heart on fire.

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