Hwang Young-woong, “I was beaten and my money was stolen”, strange apology

Criticism of “I can only think of what to do” in the confession of the victim of abuse
Clarification of “confirming monthly bank account transaction history” controversial about false suspicions of factory work

Hwang Young-woong, who got off his feet after being accused of various attacks such as violence at school for reaching the finals of the lot audition program ‘Burning Trotman’. MBN video capture

Hwang Young-woong (29), who was eliminated from the MBN ‘Burning Trotman’ final after being suspected of violence at school, said on the 1st, “I intend to apologize to those who have been hurt by my past mistakes.” want to apologize sincerely.”

Hwang Young-woong posted a post on the fan cafe that day, asking fans to refrain from protesting against the broadcasting company that dealt with the controversy over his private life. He said, “I hope there will be no more harm or noise to anyone about me.” “It’s something I should be grateful for posting on a bulletin board about me, complaining to the broadcasting station, or fighting people who curse at me, but even that is too painful for me me now,” he said. On the 30th of last month, when MBC’s ‘True Story Investigation Team’ production team dealt with the controversy surrounding Hwang Young-woong’s school violence and aired the allegation of bullying by a person who claimed to be his ex-girlfriend, some of his fans protested strongly to the broadcaster over the phone.

However, in the process of apologizing for the abuse, the statement issued by his agency The Woori Entertainment causes another controversy.

What has become a rumor is that “Hwang Young-woong himself spent his school days being beaten by other friends and robbed of money, and he did not recognize that the things he did were wounding so great that it could not be removed by him. someone and that they would cause great social repercussions. I suffer the most and regret my ignorance.” Hwang Young-woong was also a victim of school violence, so it is noted that the explanation that he did not know it was serious at the time may be a secondary crime for a victim of school violence. Hwang’s agency explained Young-woong, “This is not to take Hwang Young-woong’s past actions lightly or to appeal to his emotions.”

Through an audition program, Hwang Young-woong was noticed by viewers with a sad story of working in a factory for 6 years and developing his dream. Regarding the recent suspicion that this career was fake, his agency said, “Based on data such as Hwang Young-woong’s monthly bank book transaction details, national pension subscriber registration certificate, and health insurance eligibility certificate, he worked as a trainee and a contract worker in various companies for about 7 years. I confirmed that it works.”

The controversy surrounding Hwang Young-woong went beyond television and sparked even Seoul subway stations. The Seoul Transportation Corporation recently rejected advertisements promoted by Hwang Young-woong’s fans. An official from the Korea Advertising Self-Review Institute, which oversees the consideration of subway ads, said, “We made a disapproval decision because it is famous for social controversies such as school violence and drugs.”

Seungjun Yang reporter

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