‘Hwanjoon 2’ Go Yoon-jung, debut as mysterious woman… Lee Jae-wook → Hwang Min-hyun ‘3 years later’ poster released

A group poster of Lee Jae-wook, Go Yoon-jung, Hwang Min-hyun, Yoo Jun-sang, Shin Seung-ho, Oh Na-ra, Yoo In-soo, and Arin from ‘Gwanhwa: Light and Shadow’ was released .

tvN’s new Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Warrior: Light and Shadow’ (Director Park Joon-hwa/Screenwriter Hong Jeong-eun Hong Mi-ran/Dragon Production Studio TS Narin Cinema) (hereafter referred to as ‘Ghost Marriage ‘) is Lee Jae-wook (Jang-wook), Hwang Min-hyeon (Seo Yul), Yoo Jun-gan (Park Jin). ), Shin Seung-ho (as Gowon), Oh Na-ra (as Kim Do-joo), Yoo Unveiled In-soo (as Park Dang-gu), Arin (as Jin Cho-yeon), and Nak-su ( as Nak-su), a group poster consisting of eight members, Ko Yoon-jung, wrapped in a veil.

Compared to three years ago, the images that have changed significantly and the eyes of the eight people contain different goals, aspirations and firm convictions. After three years, attention is focused on how the relationship between those who were linked in friendship, love and loyalty has changed and what they will do in the future.

‘Ghost Marriage’ is a fantasy romance where the protagonists whose fates are twisted due to the soul-changing ‘Hwan Marriage Spell’ overcome and grow against the backdrop of a fantastic land that does not exist in history than maps. It covers the story of Jang-wook (Lee Jae-wook), who came back to life from the end of his death, and the new magicians three years later.

A monster still a monster is Jang Wook who came back to life at the end of the drama, exuding cold dark power and exuded intense tension. The resurrection of Jang-wook, who walked out of the flames, decorated the end of part 1 and gave the home theater an exciting thrill, raising questions about what happened to Jang-wook for three years.

Along with this, Seo-yul returns as a nobleman in crisis struggling amidst an unknown pain. Earlier, on the way back to Seohoseong, Seoyul complained about the side effects of blood poisoning she got from Soi (played by Seo Hyewon) and informed her about the abnormality in her body. The thin face gives a glimpse of his crisis and arouses curiosity.

Park Jin radiates the attitude of love that puts everything down in the charismatic gunsu Songlim. Attention is focused on whether the romance with Kim Do-joo, which has been going on for several years, will come to fruition. Kim Do-joo transforms into a powerful woman in the Jang family and a woman in love. It is worth noting whether the romance between the two will finally come true because Park Jin and Park Jin have drifted apart only because of complex and subtle emotional lines that seem to be mine but not mine.

In addition, Go Won anticipates the return of the crown prince who learned Jewang’s secret. Born with the royal nature, not his own nature, Jang-wook’s momentum is like a thorn in his fingernail, but he has a salty heart.

In addition, Park Dang-gu and Jin Cho-yeon, who promised to marry each other, radiate a chic charm as a young woman, not the new young leader of Songrim and the youngest daughter of the Jin family. In particular, Park Dang-gu’s short cropped hair and Jin Cho-yeon’s deeper eyes suggest a new relationship change between the two.

Meanwhile, Go Yoon-jung announces her first appearance as a mysterious woman with Naksu’s face. Previously, Go Yoon-jung was the best assassin in the world, trapped in the body of a coward, but because of Bangsulryeong Jin-mu (Cho Jae-yoon), his body ran out of control, and then he disappeared after falling into Lakes Great Gyeongcheon, causing the hearts of spectators to beat. Indeed, it arouses curiosity about what kind of story is hidden in Go Yoon-jung. First broadcast on December 10th (Saturday) at 9:10pm.

iMBC Hyeyoung Kim | Photo courtesy: tvN

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